The world’s first tangible Bitcoin: The Bitcoin Trophy

The crypto-currency revolution

Bitcoin has been making headways in the past year or so, with the price of the digital asset rising at an unprecedented rate It’s taken 2 months for the price of bitcoin to quadruple. These are unprecedented levels that no one has seen before, but what actually is bitcoin? It’s actually a form of digital currency, which is created and held electronically. One of the most attractive things about this cryptocurrency is that no one controls it.

How is a bitcoin created?

This is a question that I hear a lot and if you’re not up to date in the technology arena then it can be quite difficult to understand. Firstly, bitcoins aren’t printed like fiat currency by central banks. If a central bank decided to print more money than it needs and unleashed it into the economy, it would devalue the currency because there was too much of it. They have the power to create money out of thin air whenever they want. Instead, bitcoins are created digitally, by a community of people, and you don’t need an economics degree either, anyone can join. Bitcoins are mined by using computing power in a distributing network, and the network also processes transactions made with the digital currency, effectively making it its own payment network.

Who are the validators?

That’s right, unlike fiat currency, like the notes you or I carry round in our pockets, which is printed. Bitcoins aren’t printed like standard currency, they are produced by people, as well as some forward-looking businesses. These people and businesses are running powerful computers with specialised hardware and software that solves complex mathematical equations. Once these complex equations are solved, the result is being awarded bitcoins.

Despite its digital nature and lack of physical form, you can actually use bitcoins to make purchases for goods and services. By this, I mean electronically. There are an increasing number of companies out there who are starting to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment and are willing to accept them as a way to pay for goods and services.

The Bitcoin Trophy: the world’s first tangible Bitcoin

By now you know that bitcoins are digital currencies and only reside on computers. But there’s one place where you can purchase your own Bitcoin Trophy. It’s value, just as the bitcoin, is exponentially increasing depending the BTC price level on the chart. What better way to celebrate going to the moon than with a Bitcoin Trophy. will focus on every aspect of the production process, which includes the design, development and manufacturing process to make sure that its products exude that lure of luxury. The trophy will include a customizable engraving option making your trophy completely personal. Ripple is a cryptocurrency that primarily exists on the blockchain. It’s primarily used for electronic payments, which you can’t do without having an assigned address. Firstly, check out How to Buy Ripple (XRP) Cryptocurrency.

The aim of is to bring joy and happiness to their customers’ faces by creating something personal and proud for them to show off to people and become a good luck charm to celebrate your crypto success.

Let people know of your crypto success and let them know you went to-the-moon with your Bitcoin Trophy.

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