The USDT token from Tether is a real cryptocurrency stablecoin

Tether Limited developed the USDT cryptocurrency token and launched it in 2015. Initially, its concept was such that the token was developed as an asset. The US dollar (USD) backed it in a one-to-one ratio, i.e. the USDT rate was pegged to the dollar, although not quite rigidly – within the limits of market volatility, depending on market events. It is the reason for its name USDT (USD – Tether).

As soon as this cryptocurrency appeared on the exchanges, its rate was slightly higher than the US dollar, and traders willingly offered even $ 1.2 for this token. But these times are over, and recently the USDT rate has already entered its ‘logical orbit’ and almost completely corresponds to the dollar exchange rate. That is why the USDT token is increasingly called a stablecoin (stable cryptocurrency).

In addition to USDT, Tether Limited has already created other stablecoins that are tied to stable assets and world currencies. They are also traded on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges today. Such stablecoins include EURT (a token linked to the euro exchange rate), CNHT (the token rate is linked to the yuan), as well as the XAUT token (its rate is linked to the value of gold).

In many cases, using cryptocurrency tokens, the rate of which is tied to real or actual money is quite convenient because of their easy conversion into them. It is easier for traders to convert them into them when exchanging, and due to it they significantly save on commissions that are inevitable in their work.

The USDT exchange rate is highly stable to a variety of market assets (not only cryptocurrencies). So, traders highly appreciated the advantages of trading this token. Due to it the market capitalization of USDT today already exceeds $ 20 billion, making it one of the top cryptocurrencies, inferior in this indicator only to the most famous of them – Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP.

Where can you exchange Tether (USDT) for Bitcoin?

One of the features of USDT is its support, although on many, but still not on all blockchains. Although it was created on the Bitcoin protocol through the Omni Layer platform. That is why not all cryptocurrency exchange offices carried out the USDT to Bitcoin exchange, for example.

It is important to know that the USDT to Bitcoin exchange can only be made through a specialized online cryptocurrency exchanger.

You can change Tether (USDT) to Bitcoin, for example, on the CryptoExchanger service. Such an exchange can be carried out quickly, easily, profitably, and completely safe.

Ethereum (ETH) to Tether (USDT) Exchange

You can also carry out such an exchange on the CryptoExchanger website. Here you can produce it even without registration, and it is also carried out quickly, easily, and safely.

The presence of a large reserve contributes to the high speed of processing applications, as they are always processed in automated mode on this service. CryptoExchanger also has its technical support service, ready to answer questions and quickly help solve possible technical problems.

Interestingly, CryptoExchanger ( ) also offers favorable partner conditions if you join its referral program. The discount system of the exchanger is also noteworthy, which allows you to save on commission immediately after registration.

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