The team that represented East and Central Africa

There have been many attempts to bring cricket closer to as many countries as possible. However, it was not always possible for individual countries to have a national team of their own. For this reason, there were many initiatives that grouped neighboring countries into single teams. Between the 1960s and the 1980s, there was the East Africa cricket squad. Those who played together before, now play independently and people still prefer to play online bet only on 1xBet on them. The team deserves to be remembered as a strong example of unity in the past.

However, there were lots of internal tensions that led to the eventual dissolution of the team. Most of the time it was due to the different realities of each one of its members. Some countries felt that they were better off by being independent. This was because they thought that being with alleged less powerful countries damped their possibilities.

The original East Africa squad finally splitted in 1989, leaving Kenya on one side, and a group of countries on the other. It is possible to make an online bet only on 1xBet to see how they play, as they can offer good winning chances.

Lots of members

The East African squad’s dissolution left Kenya, for which also it is possible to bet on cricket easy with 1xBet, and a group of other nations. They were:

  • Tanzania;
  • Uganda;
  • and Zambia.

They decided to unite and create the East and Central Africa cricket team. Malawi was also invited to take part in the squad. The team was a member of the International Cricket Country between 1989 and 2003. Later, each side decided to go into its own separate way. As cricket is a really interesting game to bet on in an easy manner with 1xBet, and you can feel like you participate with your team and win.

Participating in international tournaments

The team was able to be at four qualifiers for the ICC World Cup. The results they obtained in this championship were not as good as they expected. However, their best overall result was securing a participation at the Plate competition during its 1990 edition. Currently all the teams that were part of the East and Central Africa cricket team are present on, where people can wager on them.

In subsequent editions, the squad was severely diminished by their internal separations, which led to a progressive worsening of their results. Uganda decided to split during 1998, and Tanzania did the same in 2001. This left only Malawi and Zambia together.

Currently, these teams are featured at 1xBet, and they make their best efforts to obtain great results. Eventually, the squad was fully dissolved by 2003. The two last countries decided to split and also continue on their own.

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