The Rise of Online Betting

Gone are the days when you had to head out to place a bet personally. Moreover, the pandemic witnessed the closure of physical betting spots in Australia.

So, it was time to embrace online betting websites. In terms of betting sites Australia consists of a variety of websites. But how did online betting gain traction over the years?

What Betting Is

Betting and gambling are terms often used interchangeably. But little do individuals realise that the two words carry very different meanings.

In betting, you put money or another valuable item against a fixed outcome. Gambling also has a similar definition, but the key difference lies in the type of outcome.

For instance, betting is usually done for sports, racing, and other events to study the performance beforehand. As a result, you can place educated bets and have a higher chance of winning.

On the other hand, gambling involves pure judgment or luck, and there is nothing to study prior. For example, putting your money on a specific number in a casino is considered gambling.

The Advent of Online Betting

The ability to place a bet online is a relatively newer concept. This medium came into existence at the end of the 20th century, shortly after the rise of online casinos.

Now that one could place bets from anywhere globally, online betting started to gain momentum. Since the market witnessed many of these sites popping up continuously, the competition was fierce.

Many online betting sites started offering free bets and generous bonuses to new customers. This model helped them stand out from a sea of websites and retain customers. In addition, cashback offers and enhanced odds were commonplace.

Combining all these benefits attracted new consumers to the world of online betting. According to Statista, the world’s sports betting industry capped at a value of USD 203 billion in 2020!

Common Terms

It’s better to be familiar with a few terms before you dive into the world of betting. Here are some standard terms used in the betting fraternity:

  • Bookmaker/Bookie: A company that is licensed to accept wagers and offers betting odds to the customer;
  • Betting exchange: It can be described as a service that provides a platform for setting odds;
  • Lay:A bet where the outcome won’t occur;
  • Back:A bet that an outcome will occur.


Apart from the terms, there are a few categories to place bets in.

Single Bet

As the name suggests, the bet can be placed precisely for a single outcome in an event. For instance, you can bet on the Australian cricket team beating Pakistan.

Multi Bet

In this kind of bet, you can place bets on simultaneous events. Additionally, you can also bet on two or more events at once. The only downside is that you lose the bet even if one of those outcomes fails.

Fixed Odds

The individual will know the exact odds while placing the bet. The odds are fixed once the wager is placed and do not usually change.

Summing Up

A boom in the online betting industry means that anyone can start placing bets with a single click. Moreover, if you’re looking for reliable betting sites  Australia can cater to this need.

After all, the internet has placed everything in the palm of your hand.


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