The Most Important Services That You’ll Ever Use in Your Lifetime

At one point or another, the below will be the biggest services that you’ll ever use in your lifetime. You may not have needed to use them just yet, but the chances are, you will do, and probably when you least expect it. The trouble is, that apart from the ‘official’ emergency services, you might not have the correct phone number, or contact information for these people when you need them the most. As online banking takes over, it’s probably been some time since you last made a phone call to your bank or to an, that doesn’t mean you use their services less, similar to IT support, you may not have called them in some time, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t using their services each and every day;

IT support

Whether you realise it, or not you actually use IT support services without even realising it, that is unless, of course, you have an issue and have to make a ‘conscious’ call to get things back up and running again. More often than not, whenever you are using your computer, there will be somebody, somewhere aiding you, or at least monitoring the systems that you use to make sure that they are running properly.

Take Google, for example, or a digital marketing agency in Bangkok, granted most of the activity that goes on whilst you’re using their browser, or search engine is automated, however to date, there will be people, somewhere that work for Google, making sure that all of their systems are running properly, and watching out for any potential mishaps, ready and waiting to stop them from happening.

The police

Hopefully you’ve not had to use the Police services before, although most people have, sometimes for the most obscure reasons too. People have been known to call the Police if they lock themselves out of their home, or car! If you think that’s odd, do an Internet search for the most random calls to the Police, you’ll be amazed.

Typically, though there will come a time whereby you need them for help, perhaps you’ve been a witness to a crime, been involved in one, had a break in and needed a locksmith or, maybe you’ve had an accident. There’s an almost 100% chance that, if you’ve been involved in something like a motor vehicle accident then one of the first calls you make should be to the Police so that they can come and document what has happened, you’ll also need their assistance for insurance purposes


Even without a telephone number for them, due to the wonder that is mobile banking, most people spend more time undergoing ‘banking activities’ than ever before. Mainly because it’s so easy to leave your wallet, or purse at home nowadays and do all of your financial transactions from your mobile phone, from the palm of your hand, you don’t even need your bank card.

The ambulance

Sadly, at some point in time, you’d likely have had to call an ambulance for something, whether it be that you are in need of some emergency medical treatment, or somebody you know has been taken ill, or perhaps even had an accident. Your ambulance service, and hospital staff are so valuable, sometimes it can even be taken for granted, having the ability to pick up the phone at any given moment and get medical assistance within a really short space of time.

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