The Most Durable Materials for Men’s Wedding Bands!

Finding a men’s wedding band is different from any other random piece of jewel. You have to take into account many factors while making the decision.

Back in the day, there weren’t a lot of options in this particular category. But now, things have drastically changed, and you have a variety of materials to choose from when looking for the perfect wedding band for your beloved partner!

Most Durable Material for Men’s Wedding Bands

First of all, why are we looking for durability? Simply because your man will wear it every day, through all weathers, for the rest of his life! Now, consider everything that he does in a day.

Yes, now you know precisely why we cannot trust men with delicate things! So, let’s check out some durable materials:


It is hands down the most durable material out there for men’s wedding bands. Additionally, tungsten is scratch-resistant and is suitable for men who have rough jobs!

In the jewel industry, tungsten is popularly known for its indestructible properties and affordable price!


Just like tungsten, titanium is also resistant to scratches and damage. However, what sets titanium apart is its lightweight.

So, if you want your man to have a band that’s not heavy and can be worn comfortably every day, then go for a band made of titanium.

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3-Damascus Steel

At number three, we have Damascus steel, a very durable material. Damascus steel rings are perfect for you if you want your man to wear something unique and have a rich history to them!

They are versatile and can make your man stand out no matter which outfit he is carrying.

4-Cobalt Chrome

Another very tough and durable material that you can look for. It is also scratch-resistant and can be worn through storms! Rings made up of this material pop as they have a shiny finish, just like a lighter shade of silver.

5-Dinosaur Bone

No, it’s not clickbait! You can find rings made up of actual dinosaur bones! The fossils used to make wedding bands have existed for thousands of years, so you can imagine their durability and indestructible properties.

A dinosaur bone ring will be the perfect pick for someone who is fascinated by history and geology! Some believe that Ross Geller would have married for the fourth time if someone bought him a Dinosaur bone ring! Apart from that, these modish rings look incredibly fashionable as well.


Ceramic is a tough material that is resistant to damage in the long run. However, compared to the other materials, ceramic is brittle, which means that it can break.

Ceramic rings have an elegant glossy finish. And will be the best choice if you are looking for something non-metallic and comfortable.

It is important to consider the lifestyle of your spouse while choosing a wedding band. Before you decide, try to think about your partner’s job, hobbies, and personality. After all, it’s all about him! Luckily, there are various options available these days to make sure that you do not miss durability while opting for a stylish band!

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