The Mileage of Casino

Define Casino

A casino is a public establishment for gambling and entertainment. The majority of casinos are built within a big commercial building complete with fine restaurants, posh hotels, exclusive shopping stores, and so on. Casinos can also be found on luxurious cruise ships or big-time resorts. Some casinos also host live concerts for added entertainment to the punters. This type of casino is land-based.

Online casinos are the opposite of brick-and-mortar casinos. It is enjoyed at the comfort of the player and at their convenient time as long as they have good stable internet and updated software browser, then players can enjoy it.

Online casino is very popular these days because the majority of the punters prefer to be wherever they are comfortable at. Moreover, they offer more bonuses compare to land-based casinos. Online casino sites also update their site with new games and perks time and time again thus Diverjoe casino, the famous casino site from Australia introduced the freshest in the world of gambling Click here to play online pokies and enjoy what the casino site can offer.

Brief History

The history of casinos dated back to the 1600s in Venice in Europe. It was then called Il Ridotto which means “a small house”.  Back then, gambling was operated in private houses with food and drinks served along with dancing and music. Il Ridotto casino was designed to amuse well-to-do people during the famed Venetian Carnival, therefore, it was exclusive and the wagers were big.

Il Ridotto pays high taxes but the church highly objects to its activities and was considered sinful which forces the government to close it and make gambling illegal.

The casino was opened again in the 18th century in Paris because Cardinal Mazarin, an Italian cardinal, diplomat, and politician who served as the chief minister to the kings of France Louis XIII and Louis XIV thought that gambling business could replenish the state treasury. Roulette was introduced and became an instant hit.

Again in the 19th century, despite the casino’s luxurious interiors and atmosphere, it was still forced to close in Europe due to the gambling legislation except in Monte Carlo which did not have restrictions in gambling.  Later in the 19th century, gambling became famous in Monaco, and later gambling once more became popular in Las Vegas USA.

The Edge of Online Casino

As mentioned, the online casino is the fad these days for the majority of the punters and even traditional bettors realized its beauty.

Online casinos are also referred to as virtual casinos are online versions of land-based casinos and everything is done online thru gadgets. The good thing about this is their odds and payback percentages are higher and they offer lots of bonuses compares to traditional land-based casinos.

There are two types of online casinos:

•        Web-based casinos

This type of casino, its software does not need to be downloaded to the gadget. Its games are made up of browser plugins Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, or Java and only require browser support and stable internet. Players can choose software browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or any browser as long as it’s compatible.

•        Download Based casino

These types of casinos require the players to download the software so that they can wager. The online casino software is connected to the casino service provider without the need for browser support. For this reason, it runs faster and has better video and audio quality for a more entertaining experience for the players. The only catch is since it is download-based online, the existence of malware cannot be avoided. However, due to advanced technology, sophisticated and sturdy firewalls keeps a majority of online casinos for the player’s fun and safe gaming and the operator’s peace of mind.

Online Casino Games

o       Virtual

This is known as a software-based online casino because its outcome is based on the pseurodorandum number generator or PRNG software which means that every deal of the car, spinning of the slots, or throw of the dice depends on the PRNG result and is considered as random, fair and unpredictable like any ordinary casino game.

o       Live Dealer

This type of online casino copies the traditional land-based casino complete with casino setting with a live croupier, camera person, and an IT to create a real casino experience. Dealings and wagering are done thru a chat box which is used as a communication tool. Results of the physical transactions are translated into data thru the technology called Optical Character Recognition or the OCR.

Typical Online Gambling Games:



Sic Bo






Slot Machines

Final Insights:

Gambling is timeless and has been part of every culture for many generations. It has seen better days, entertained people for centuries many centuries, and continuously evolving thru time.

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