The future of vegetable leather in the fashion world

The fashion world has come up with various eco-friendly materials keeping in mind the issue of environmental pollution. Notable among these is the vegetable leather, which is being processed to make new leather belt wallets. And these vegetable leather are processed so as not to harm the environment and people; It is a preferred material not only by consumers but also by leather experts thanks to its soft touch.

There is a lot of demand for vegetable leather in recent times. As leather is environmentally friendly, its demand is increasing day by day. Designers in today’s world prefer vegetable leather because the more you use it, the softer it becomes to feel vegetable leather’s natural beauty. Big bands are very famous for using vegetable leather in bags.

The real look of vegetable leather:

Vegetable leather is characterized by the fact that the cow’s skin remains since its surface is not processed. These are natural tracks such as pores, skin wrinkles, spots, and scars, and if you dye aniline to show this surface transparently, even dye flow will remind. Standard leather is polished and coated with a thick to cover and coat these traces, resulting in a smooth plastic texture. Vegetable leather is full-grain leather that leaves this grain intact. These traces are not defective but are characteristic of natural leather.

Vegetable leather is the only way to interpret various ways and enjoy its natural appearance as it is. On the other hand, vegetable leather products tend to have good dyeing and scratches, so consumers with a shared understanding of the material sometimes complain. Still, more and more people prefer the vintage and natural feel. As if reflecting this trend, in recent years, Luca Gabelini, the design director and leather craftsman of the United Kingdom vegetable leather brand Ilbijonte, opened a leather craft class in the United Kingdom.


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