The Expert Guide to Screwdriver Wholesale in 2022

Shipping costs and delivery times in the screwdriver wholesale market significantly increased during the pandemic due to lockdowns, labor shortages, and strains on the logistics network. However, recent reports by the IMF illustrate how global container rates have fallen by 16 percent since September, owing primarily to dropping rates for trans-Pacific eastbound routes, the key sea link between China and the United States.

The decrease implies that the high demand for screwdriver wholesale and other commodities is decreasing following the annual peak shipping season, which runs from August to October. In addition, the US recently ordered some ports to increase operating hours and efficiency to relieve traffic congestion and supply bottlenecks. 

Overview of the Screwdriver Wholesale Market

In China’s economy, the screwdriver wholesale market holds a key position. It not only provides a lower-cost product to satisfy the development of modernization goals, but it also creates many work opportunities for people, taxes for the government, and efficiently integrates rural and urban output. 

Strategic sourcing benefits both the customer and the seller. The cost advantage that you will receive if you choose a low-priced manufacturer is a big draw. However, being realistic about how low you can drive pricing down is beneficial. You’ll have to deal with inferior quality and poor sales if you go below the price floor of a given item.

Maintaining healthy connections, exchanging favors, and being committed to the partnership are all part of the Chinese approach to doing business. The key to long-term screwdriver wholesale success is establishing stable relationships with quality suppliers. 

Why Businesses Rely on Chinese Wholesalers for their Supply Needs

Here are the four reasons why purchasers for eCommerce platforms, repair stations, and workshops opt for wholesale business from China:

  • Cost-effective

Finding a good value screwdriver wholesale supplier at a reasonable cost remains a sourcing priority. China has reached a point where increased productivity and quality benefits are sufficient to partially compensate for rising labor, property, and compliance expenses. 

  • Time-efficient

When it comes to fast-tracking your supply chain, China’s integrated supply chains represent a significant benefit. Its manufacturing ecosystems provide an unmatched combination of input suppliers, assembly factories, experienced employees, and service providers.

  • High-quality product

As the number one choice for sourcing materials and equipment, China has decades of experience in all industries. The sourcing agents are experienced in working with international companies, and therefore understand their requirements well.

A reputable screwdriver wholesale supplier grasps the kind of data and structure you need to sign a sourcing contract and be satisfied with the final product.

  • Advanced technologies support

China’s advanced technologies are enabling new business models to emerge, allowing businesses to meet heightened customer demands and become the core of corporate innovation by transforming their supply chain from a purely operational hub into the epicenter of the business revolution.

Importance of Co-operating with Expert Manufacturers from China

China is the world’s factory since it has the largest and busiest ports in the world. Additionally, China offers certain social and political advantages which lure investors. 

These include:

  • No recurring governmental transfers, thus making the political atmosphere quite favorable.
  • A one-party rule ensures that businesses have access to a policy environment that is relatively stable and investor-friendly.
  • The Chinese government is well-positioned to provide manufacturers with consistent support and solid infrastructure.
  • China has a significant comparative advantage due to its large pool of talented people and the availability of sophisticated and deep supply networks.

Jakemy’s Capability of Providing Top-Ranking Screwdriver Support for Various Industries

Jakemy, the leading screwdriver manufacturer specializes in OEM tools, instruments, and accessories. With over 20 years of experience in the screwdriver wholesale industry, Jakemy’s manufacturing line offers a wide variety of shapes, lengths, and interchangeable screwdriver heads that cater to various industries like:

  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Mechanical sector
  • Woodworking
  • Manufacturing plants

Legally registered in 65 countries around the world, Jakemy has earned its reputation through its stellar manufacturing quality, faster shipping time, and customized OEM/ODM options. 


As China’s leading screwdriver wholesaler, Jakemy offers a one-stop solution to all your repair and maintenance needs with its top-ranking precision screwdriver sets. Founded in 1998, the organization has since then made significant efforts to integrate idea research, development, and R&D to ensure that every organization receives safe and trustworthy goods.

To learn more about Jakemy’s precision screwdriver sets, OEM/ODM customization, import and export trade, and services integration, visit

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