The best recruitment software for your agency – how to find it

Are you responsible for finding the best recruitment agency software for your firm? If yes, then you are probably involved in research and then some more research.

The path to finding a suitable recruitment management system is not painless. But we have prepared 8 vital points to note that can help you find a great recruitment CRM software platform quickly.

1. Understand your pain points

Every search that doesn’t begin with noting what the critical problems hindering successes are is a waste. Only when agencies have a clear understanding of what they’re lacking and what is holding them back, can they take steps towards achieving success. So, when you do your research make sure you’ve listed all your recurring problems.

2. Book as many product demos as possible

Most leading recruitment software vendors are happy to offer product demos for free. Take advantage of such opportunities. It is better to get some colleagues to attend the demo with you as different viewpoints can be useful when it’s time to make decisions about the recruitment management system everyone will use.

3. No question is too insignificant

Don’t hesitate to ask the salesperson all the burning questions you have. Any resulting doubts must also be cleared if you want to make the right decision. Recruitment CRM software vendors will be happy to give you the correct information so don’t leave the questions for another day.

4. Software features must be discussed thoroughly

While the vendor website will have the major software features up for everyone to see, it is still necessary to discuss each point as it will pertain to your recruitment agency. Not every feature is relevant to the work you do. But there might be some features that you just can’t do without that the vendor doesn’t provide.

5. Software functionality is every bit as important too

It can be easy to get caught up in figuring out the recruitment software features and overlook the software functionality. But it is of utmost importance to ensure that you have software that is easy to use if you want everyone in your agency to use it. Otherwise, it might just be ignored while everyone falls back to their old ways.

6. Market leader doesn’t automatically mean suitable for everyone

We are instinctively drawn to the popular options in the market. But remember that every staffing agency is different with different needs. Hence, what is currently touted as the best recruitment agency software might not be suitable for your agency’s needs. In-depth research is the key to finding one that fits you perfectly.

7. Don’t ignore their reputation for client support

Customer care is often the last thing on recruiters’ minds when they are in talks with different vendors to buy their software. While the features and functionality are being discussed, the quality of client support provided to users should not be forgotten. You will need some form of support when you start using the recruitment CRM. Make sure you are in the right hands for when the time comes.

8. Be wary of making the wrong investment

Buying a recruitment platform is never cheap. That’s why it is critical to carry out the research diligently to avoid making mistakes. It is costly to start all over again if one discovers that the CRM is not suitable, or the vendor isn’t great. It will take double the time, energy, and money for what could have been accomplished in one go.

These 8 vital points are useful regardless of the type of recruitment software you’re looking to purchase for your recruitment firm. So, whether you’re out to purchase a perm CRM, a temps software or an executive search software solution for head-hunters, make use of these tips to get the best type of CRM.

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