The benefits of using NaaS

All organisations invest a significant amount to design, build and operate internal networks. Businesses install and configure hardware to enable their employees to connect to internal networks. Network as a Service allows organisations to consume network infrastructure flexibly. It offers integrated hardware, software, authorisations, and support services in a flexible subscription-based offering. The service providers deliver fast and secure connectivity solutions and ensure high performance and low risk. NaaS platforms enable global communications and allow organisations to connect with people worldwide.

What is Network as a Service?

Network as a Service, a network infrastructure offered to organisations, helps them to stay even with innovations, optimise network performances and meet the needs of the business through a cloud-like subscription model. It allows organisations to outsource routine operational management, including monitoring, troubleshooting, and software upgrades. Organisations can access the latest technology without burdening the organisation’s IT personnel. NaaS offers scalable solutions to all businesses and secures their future by streamlining network connectivity through the cloud.

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Components of Naas

  • Wide Area Network services
  • Local Area Network services
  • Wireless as a Service
  • Enhanced Mobile services
  • Voice as a Service
  • Security as a Service

Key benefits of using NaaS

Flexibility: NaaS effortlessly provides and removes necessary connections because changes are made to the network via software, not hardware. It offers term-based subscriptions with usage billing. There are multiple payment options to support varying amounts of consumption.

Scalability: NaaS customers can quickly increase the capacity on their virtual network instead of purchasing, configuring, deploying and securing additional hardware. Customers can scale up and down as per their needs.

Global interconnection: NaaS customers can access the network from any location without the need for a VPN. They can connect with anyone in the cloud ecosystem directly. It provides organisations with global coverage, low latency connectivity and negligible loss.

No maintenance: The customer need not worry about the network as the provider maintains it, manages the software, and upgrades hardware. It provides an outstanding user experience and addresses all issues immediately.

Better security: NaaS simplifies managing the network and tightly integrates the networking and security services. It provides on-premise and cloud-based security, and whenever needed, it accelerates the transition to secure access service edge architecture.

Cost control: Organisations can save more because they need not purchase services or maintain hardware when they are NaaS customers. It can increase or decrease services according to their needs and they need not pay for services not used by their organisation.

Network optimisation: NaaS provider ensures that the business’s web traffic is handled well and makes adjustments whenever necessary. The network provider uses software tools to address problems quickly before they affect the customers.

Increased productivity: When the network is maintained well, the organisation’s employees can concentrate on more critical tasks that increase the efficiency and productivity of the organisation. The NaaS providers monitor the network, detect problems and create plans to tackle the changes in the network.

NaaS combines network infrastructure, software and hardware into a single platform. It enables global communications to be done quickly and securely and helps to make upgrades with less downtime. Organisations don’t have to invest in equipment and maintain them throughout the year. Companies pay only for what they use and have the option to increase or reduce their network capacity at any time. NaaS minimises operational risk, and organisations get an opportunity to deploy the latest product features and functions.

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