Some Statistics About the World Gambling Industry

Gambling is exciting and sometimes even profitable. No wonder the industry is booming. We decided to focus our article on what numbers the online casino industry operates with. We invite you to plunge into the fascinating statistics regarding video slots casinos and the industry itself, as a new cultural phenomenon.

  • Today it is almost impossible to determine the exact number of people playing online casinos on a regular basis. But we can conclude that the industry is only gaining momentum. Thus, analysts predict the global volume of the gambling market in 5 years at the level of 127.3 billion US dollars.
  • In 2020, for comparison, the size of the online casino market was half that amount.
  • The leaders in the number of establishments offering online video slots and other gambling games are three regions – the USA, Canada, and European countries. Despite fairly strict laws and the need for a license from local regulators, most of the players play from these three regions.
  • During the 2020-2021 lockdown, 64% of players began to visit online casino sites more often. The reason for this is the restriction on the ability to have fun outside the home, the psychological problems associated with the pandemic, as well as the increase in the availability of online casinos due to the easing of restrictions.
  • By the way, exactly the same percentage, 64% of players around the world prefer to spin slots and place bets in roulette from home using web applications.
  • But if we talk about gambling, analysts say that the most vulnerable group of gamblers, subject to a great opportunity to become gambling addicts, are young people aged 18-24.
  • The first slot machines with Internet access appeared in the world in 1994. These were products of the German company Atronic, as well as Microgaming software.
  • Almost 65% of all online casino players admit that the game does not bring them any significant profit. Moreover, most of the surveyed players believe that the costs of playing in online casinos are quite high. But this is not a reason to give up your favorite entertainment.
  • In the future, most online casino providers are going to focus on developments in the field of VR and AR. Many of them are already developing products with elements of virtual reality.

Online gambling industry statistics are not just interesting facts useful for your development. It is also an opportunity to understand global trends and build your expectations from playing online casinos based on these trends. We hope that this information will be useful for you and will make your online gambling experience even more enjoyable and varied.

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