SAP Business One on Cloud A Cost Effective Way to Manage Your Business

SAP Business One on Cloud presents a wonderful opportunity to the small and medium enterprise businesses, whether you are searching for the Best ERP software in Mumbai or for any other place, SAP Business One is very helpful for the companies in moving ahead of the competition. Small businesses have limitation on their finances and their budgets and in this age of digitization ERP software like SAP B1 presents the opportunity to the companies to revisit their current systems and opt for a new one, which will propel them into the world of new technology adoption.  SAP B1 is scalable and you would not have to worry about the operations when the organization expand the business and gets into more and more products.

There are two options of deployment, when you are deploying it on a shared database then it is called On Cloud and when it is installed locally then it is called On-Premise. Let us understand few points in detail.

  • When you are deploying the solution on cloud then, it means that the ERP application of organization and the related data would be centrally managed by the vendors. Therefore you can also access by the web browser
  • On Cloud option gives you the choice of having the access to be given on mobile devices, tablets etc. Therefore giving the option of access lies in your hands
  • You can purchase the software where the vendors including SAP Gold partner in Mumbai would be hosting the application on your behalf in the data center, you can also choose the renting option where you pay the rent every month and be using the SAP B1 on demand option and not opting for the outright purchase of the software.
  • Even though you would have to make some purchase in the on cloud option but in the long run the return on this investment would be very high and also not only the returns would be high but it would also improve on the efficiency of the whole processes at the company.
  • You would not have to purchase any of the third party server platform or the firewall many of the business are opting for the pay as you go models many want to avoid the cost of additional hardware purchase.

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It is much faster in implementation, gone are the days when ERP software implementation needed lot of days, Web based ERP is one of the fastest in implementation and also the easiest. Customizations can also be done very easily as all the operations have to be done over the web.

SoftCore Solutions is a SAP Partner which specializes in providing the small business ERP for the companies operating as small and medium enterprise, therefore they need a ERP software that can help improve efficiency. It has been awarded 7 times by the SAP organization for their service to the SAP Business One implementation and service.From a large pool of erpsoftware company in Mumbai, SoftCore Solutions offers you both quality and speed of SAP B1 implementation.

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