Preparation Strategy for CBSE Class 10 Exam

Preparation for board exams is a challenging task. Students get nervous and scared just by hearing about board exams. They have lots of questions and doubts in their mind regarding the preparation strategy for the exam. They often feel stuck in the middle of the preparation and need help to overcome it. So, to avoid such a situation, we have provided the preparation strategy for Class 10 students, which will help them prepare effectively for the board exams. Also, these strategies will guide them throughout their preparation journey. manytoons

CBSE Class 10 Preparation Strategy

The preparation for the board exam can not be done in a night or a week. To be fully prepared for the exam, students need to study hard throughout the year. So, here we have provided the preparation plan and strategy which students should follow right from the beginning of the academic year. manytoon

1) Follow the Syllabus

Students are advised to go through the syllabus properly at the beginning of the academic year. It will help them understand the topics, subtopics, and marks weightage of a particular subject. Also, they get to know the details about internal assessment and project work. By knowing the syllabus, they can plan their studies in advance and in a structured way. rexdlcom

2) Create a Study Plan

To be regular with their studies, it’s crucial that students should have a proper study plan for themselves. So, they should create a daily study plan that contains the number of hours they are going to study a particular topic of a subject. Also, it should include the time for revising the topics which they have studied before.

3) Solve the Sample Papers

Solving the CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 is the best way to evaluate the preparation level of students. They can assess their preparation level and check how much they are prepared to face the actual exam. By solving the sample papers, they get to know their weak and strong areas and accordingly, they can work on them to improve their performance in the exam.

4) Refer NCERT Books

Most of the time, students make the mistake of studying from other books. They do not refer to the NCERT books. They follow the books of local authors or guide books to quickly cover the syllabus. Due to which they do have a good hold on the concepts. They just mug up the answers to score high marks. As a result, they end up scoring average marks as the questions in the exams are asked in a twisted way. So, students are advised to strictly follow the NCERT books and study from acmarketnet them.

5) Do the Revision

After completing the syllabus, students should keep revising the topics after some time. Otherwise, they will forget the concepts. During revision, students can easily find out the important topics as they have solved the sample papers and mock papers. So, suppose they are revising the Science subject, so they can tick mark the questions which are often asked in sample paper as the important questions for class 10 science. Thus, they will also have a list of important questions which they can go through during the exam and quickly complete their revision. It will also help them refresh their memory and recall their previous knowledge.

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