Planning To Switch Jobs in Washington? You Need To Know This If You Are On Workers’ Compensation.

When an on-job injury keeps individuals out of work for an extended time, they may begin looking for new employment. If you’re planning on changing jobs while on workers comp, you may be concerned about how your benefits would be affected. It’s something you must talk to a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney in Washington to get complete clarity.

So Can You Change Jobs While Still Enjoying Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Yes, to put it briefly. Workers’ compensation allows you to change employment while still getting benefits. The workers’ compensation system is meant to reimburse you for lost income along with reasonable and fair medical expenditures resulting from an injury. It is not intended to prevent you from working at all.

The benefits will not be terminated just because you switch employment. However, you must be making less money at your present job than before your injury. This is equally true if you intend to return to your previous employer, whether in the same role or a new position. You would no longer be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits if you joined the company making the same money as before your injury.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Changing Jobs?

It is your responsibility to keep moving forward with your career and seek out new work opportunities. This involves maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s critical to only return to work following an accident if your doctor encourages you to. It would be unwise not to obey their recommendations if they indicate you need to do little work for some time while you recover.

Could changing jobs cause a claim to be delayed?

Rather than providing payments over a long period of time, most worker’s compensation cases are resolved. If you continue at your present employment, your employer would be more than ready to settle so that they do not have to pay out claims for the same accident in the future. If you decide to quit and look for a new job, the employer may not be as eager to settle. 

Returning to work might be difficult if you are stressed or worried about what unfolded in the past. Perhaps you desire work that is less dangerous or physically demanding. Or you wish to learn new skills or be pushed differently. In the end, the choice is yours, but it’s vital to be aware of the implications.

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