One Platform, Multiple Entertainment Solutions: Tata Play

As the world is technologically advancing every second, everything is being optimised and made as compact as possible. Technology greatly influences entertainment production and its consumption by the users. Television has dominated the entertainment industry for a considerable amount of time; however, things are taking a whole new turn due to the massive spread of the internet.

Today, viewers prefer a platform where they can access all types of content – TV channels, OTT content, regional content, etc. So, Tata Play, rebranded from Tata Sky, created a one-stop destination for all entertainment needs. Primarily famous for its exceptional DTH services, Tata Play brings new offers, plans and services for its subscribers.

Let’s learn about the rebranding and see why Tata Play’s new strategies will make it future-ready.

Tata Play: New Name, New Everything

Why the new name?

Tata Play did not only change its name but changed itself into an inclusive and scalable brand that will propel the company’s momentum and help in further diversification into allied businesses.

Harit Nagpal, MD & CEO of Tata Play, explains that the new brand will continue to enhance the television viewing experience through its DTH services along with solidifying its OTT services.

To promote a hassle-free experience through a single platform, Tata Play has introduced its all-new Tata Play Binge Combo packs. These combos are bundled offerings where you will have the best TV channels along with unlimited quality content from OTT applications under a single subscription pack.

Tata Play’s new inclusion, Netflix, will be available through Tata Play Netflix Combo packs. As Netflix is the world’s largest OTT platform, it will help strengthen Tata Play’s position in the market as an OTT content distribution platform. The consumers will also benefit from this as they will get a common platform to watch their favourite TV shows and diverse web content on Netflix.

How Tata Play’s Exclusive Services Provide Multiple Entertainment Solutions?

Tata Play offers a wide array of exclusive, value-added services that cater to people across age groups, from different regions, and having varied entertainment tastes. Here are the various categories:

  • Entertainment: Under this category, you get numerous entertainment packs to choose from. Tata Play Comedy, Tata Play Theatre, Tata Play Adbhut Kahaniyan, Tata Play Music are some of the most popular packs.
  • Kids: Kids learn better when lessons are taught in an interactive and fun way. Tata Play Fun Learn offers rhymes, quizzes, stories and more to help your kids learn and develop new skills. Tata Play Classroom, Tata Play Zeetos and Tata Play Smart Games are also included in this pack.
  • Learn: Learning new skills is always a good idea. Tata Play JEE Prep and Tata Play NEET Prep help prepare students for engineering and medical examinations. Other packs such as Tata Play English, Tata Play Fitness and Tata Play Vedic Maths help users develop relevant skills.
  • Regional: Regional content is very much preferred by subscribers as they can relate to films, shows, music, etc., that reflect their cultures and languages. Many packs in this category are available in HD and SD channels.
  • Devotion: Faith has a special place in our hearts. So, this category helps people find peace and solace through packs including Tata Play Aradhana, Tata Play Ibaadat, Tata Play Darshan, and Tata Play Astro Duniya.

Make Your Life Aur Bhi Jingalala with Tata Play

Tata Play has all the solutions for your entertainment needs. Give a missed call or order online your DTH connection today, and just relax on your couch for the best entertainment to arrive at your doorstep.

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