This winter season is in full swing – which means this is the best time to bring your outfit in line with the main trends of winter 2020/2021. Don’t be upset if you haven’t done it yet: there’s plenty of time ahead. Moreover, we have finally prepared for you the most practical guide to the task.

1. Chelsea boots – the most fashionable shoes of autumn:

Last season everyone was crazy about thick shoes with lace-up shoes and lace, but the main role in its fall will go to fashionable Chelsea boots. In general, the concept has not changed – these are all large-sized medium-high shoes, only more elegant, with rubber inserts instead of laces and locks. New-season trendy shoes – Chelsea shoes with the reverse floor or accent elastic: These are featured in Botega Venita, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney.

2. Dresses for Autumn :

Tight knitted dresses are the most attractive item of the new season.  It is beautiful and very comfortable, and it is important for autumn.  The most popular brands feature warm, knitted garments: Isabel Marant, Jill Sander, Versace, N21, and, of course, the favorite of all fashionistas Bottega Venet.  There are many options: maxi and traditional themed midi with a fashionable length, huge chain, volume sleeves, a high neck, and many more accent details.  This dress is effective due to its simple and minimal cut, but it is elegant and feminine.

3. Knitted vests:

The most interesting fashionistas’ wardrobes have already been replenished with vests of “school” knitted jerseys. These can be worn as T-shirts, classic white shirts, and thin cotton turtlenecks. Pair with tailored trousers, jeans, and skinny jeans.

4. Sheepskin coat :

There are still months of winter weather ahead, which means you can’t do without warm outerwear.  The first choice is a sheepskin coat.  First, warm it up, and it will warm you up.  Second, it’s possible – take a look at the world’s most important fashion artists, who have been playing sheepskin coats since mid-autumn.  And, finally, it’s a profitable investment – after all, sheepskin coats were in fashion 10, 20 and even 30 years ago and are unlikely to come out of it soon.

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