Moonstones, an essential goddess stone

Moonstones have always been known as divine objects. It is a sacred stone that has many positive health properties. It presents the symbol of the moon, therefore fertility, purity and femininity. For decades, they were appreciated by the Roman and Indian civilizations. Even today, it attracts more and more amateurs and stone enthusiasts.

A moonstone: what is it really?

Because of its color and its pearly reflections, moonstones are reminiscent of the brilliance of the star. Currently, they have two scientific names: adularia and hecatolite. In 1801, a huge deposit of moonstone was discovered at Mont Adule which is located in the Swiss Alps. It was discovered by a scientist and named it “adularia”.

Moreover, a mineralogist also referred the moonstone to the Greek mythological goddess Hecate and named it hecatolite.

But depending on the era, it also has different denominations for example, Argentina, fish eye, lunar, white labradorite, etc. Currently, moonstones are widely used to make Wholesale Jewelry such as moonstone bracelets, moonstone  rings, moonstone necklaces, moonstone pendants, etc.

A moonstone: what are its virtues and benefits?

As mentioned above, moonstones have benefits and virtues on the health of the individual who wears them.

Indeed, it has virtues on the psychological and physical level. Psychologically, moonstone coincides with childhood ingenuity. Sacred stone and divine stone, moonstone acts naturally for the good of the one who wears it. It also allows couples to live in happiness. In fact, it acts on the astral and mental bodies by promoting reconciliation and moving away from negative waves.

In addition, moonstones also make it possible to find human sexual pleasure. It develops sensitivity, gentleness and creativity. It also accompanies the person who wears it in decision-making.

On a physical level, it helps regulate women’s menstrual problems with the lunar movement. By being in contact with the stone, the hormonal disorders of the woman diminish and disappear little by little over the months.

In addition, moonstones also help solve fertility problems in women . She helps and accompanies the woman in her desire to have a baby. For women who have just given birth, the stone accompanies them during their breastfeeding.

In fact, it is the color of this stone that brings benefits to the person who wears it. They have different properties and virtues on the health of any individual. By wearing it often, the person will free themselves from any negative vibes and will provide new abundant energy.

2022: the stones that wish us well

Apart from conventional medicine, lithotherapy is a method still little known which is based on crystals and their influences to heal. The stones emit indeed, in a natural way, vibrations and resonances which would make it possible to improve the well-being. Discover the benefits of this alternative medicine.

Lithotherapy to improve your well-being

The word “lithotherapy” is made up of two Greek terms: “lithos” which means stone and “therapeutia” which means cure. It is therefore a stone treatment. Nevertheless, a more general definition makes it possible to better understand this medicine. 

Lithotherapy refers to a therapeutic method of unconventional care to treat psychological and physical ailments using stones or crystals. For example, you can find on Garaulion a whole selection of stones and jewelry made with crystals such as bracelets, among others.

You can choose between different types of stones to improve your daily well-being, whether it is to regain your self-confidence, inner peace, comfort or serenity, but also to stimulate your libido or boost your vitality. Each stone has very specific virtues. 

In lithotherapy, the stones used are precious and semi-precious stones that crystallize in the earth’s crust, in magma or in metamorphic rock. We can cite for example: pink quartz, moon rock, black agate…

What are the benefits of lithotherapy?

There are many testimonials from people who have experienced lithotherapy and who have been fully satisfied with it. Lithotherapy makes it possible to overcome and prevent several physical ailments , but also spiritual ones. These are for example:

  • Moral exhaustion,
  • Anxiety,
  • Sleep disorders,
  • The lack of self-confidence,
  • Pain in the joints,

The influence of waves and negative energies…

Either way, believe it or not, this is an aesthetic solution that can work like a placebo. The vibrations and energies released by the stones of health will have an influence on your physical, emotional and mental health. The stones will positively impact your life. 

To benefit from their benefits, you must obviously wear them on your person (pendant, bracelet, etc.) Or nearby. Get your own idea of ​​lithotherapy by reading testimonials or by purchasing a jewel adorned with stones. Remember to choose them according to the energy you are looking for and the aspect of your life that you want to improve.

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