Mattress Shopping Guide: 5 Solid Tips Before Purchasing the Perfect Bed

Purchasing a new mattress should always be given some proper thought, as it is also considered an investment. Good quality beds can come off as reasonably expensive, ranging from a starting price of $1000 to $1,200 on types such as spring or memory foam.

Moreover, owning a mattress plays an essential role in your household and your everyday life, from your sleeping hours during the night to when you finally wake up in the morning. Choosing the perfect mattress helps promote a good night’s sleep and avoid straining muscles upon waking up.

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We provided five solid tips to help you become knowledgeable on what mattress you should go for before heading to the furniture store or clicking on “Check Out” while shopping for a bed online.

Learn About Your Options

There are tons of mattresses available in the market, but the most common you’ve probably heard of is memory foam and innerspring. Both are just some of the top picks that consumers buy. However, there are also other types to look out for, such as:

  • Latex Foam – Functions like memory foam, but with the latex material, the foam is elastic and offers comfy support—almost like a “hug.” This type of bed is recommended for people who don’t like the hot, prickly feeling of memory foam.
  • Hybrid Mattress – Functions with a foam overlay wrapped in the bed’s springs. An excellent hybrid mattress has both foam and innerspring models. Think of it as a product that brings in the best of both worlds for fans of memory and latex mattresses.
  • Air Mattress – Functions with a pump of an inflator to adjust to your desired firmness. Moreover, owning an air mattress is convenient, as you can also take it anywhere outdoors, such as camping or beach trips.

There are other best mattresses out in the market, but it’s always better to come prepared with the knowledge of what type of bed you’re looking for.

Learn About Your Favored Size

Buying a new mattress doesn’t necessarily have to share the same size as the one you’re planning to replace with. Instead, one must note the differences between the old mattress to the new one you plan on buying.

An example would be owning a king-sized bed when the entire family used to share the same mattress for movie nights, but now the kids have grown older. Downsizing or upsizing your mattress can save you enough bedroom space, as long as you know the size you’re after for.

Check out this sizing info we’ve prepared for you below:

  • California King – Dimension (inch): 72 x 84 inches, Dimension (cm): 193.04 x 203.2 cm
  • Full – Dimension (inch): 53 x 75 inches, Dimension (cm): 134.62 x 190.5 cm
  • King – Dimension (inch): 76 x 80 inches, Dimension (cm): 193.04 x 203.2 cm
  • Twin – Dimension (inch): 38 x 75 inches, Dimension (cm): 96.52 x 190.5 cm
  • Queen – Dimension (inch): 60 x 80 inches, Dimension (cm) 152.4 x 203.2 cm

Test Out The Mattress

Testing out the mattress in a public furniture store can be embarrassing, but it’s the right way to know if this is the right bed for you before swiping that credit card. Lay down, curl up to your preferred sleeping position, and sit on the edge of the bed for a firmness test.

When buying with a friend, lover, or family, it’s ideal for both of you to try out the mattress so that you can both share your thoughts on its firmness, comfortability, and more. However, it’s still recommended to go to a physical store in person to try the bed out when it comes to buying online.

Prepare A Budget In Mind

The perfect mattress does not come at a cheap price, but for the sake of getting a good night’s sleep and having to wake up in the morning in a good mood, it’s all for the best. One must always take note of the budget they have saved, especially for the mattress they want.

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Most mattresses available in the market may come off as expensive, depending on the quality of materials used and the type of mattress you’re going for. Moreover, just like how the famous saying “quality over quantity” goes, it’s always better to seek the best comfortability at your preferred budget.

Always Ask For Trials Periods

Let’s say you’ve already brought home the mattress from the store and have spent a week or month sleeping on the bed when suddenly—something doesn’t feel right. Most mattress dealers address this issue by giving their customers a “comfort trial period.”

The trial period lasts up to 30 days, thus giving customers a chance to return the mattress that didn’t meet their expectations upon purchase. However, it’s also important to remember that not many stores also offer the said process or charge customers on the restocking fee.

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Mattress shopping can be exhausting, but when you’re geared up with proper knowledge on the factors you should focus on, shopping can easily feel like a breeze. Purchasing a mattress should be treated as an investment; when you think about replacing your old mattress, you think about the pros that come with it, such as good night’s sleep, more room space, and a lot more.

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