Maintaining Vinyl Lettering For A Long Lasting Working Capability

Using premium quality products, which are specifically designed for car cleaning and maintenance, will work well to keep the car or window lettering looking their best. Just like the paint on the vehicles, exposure to all the natural elements will affect the life of any vinyl product, and the same goes with vinyl lettering as well. Protecting it from all the elements is always the first call to address whenever you are trying to extend the working life of the vinyl letters.

Whether you have a storefront window lettering or vehicle lettering, you have to treat them well and in the same manner. For the novices, understanding the maintenance tips can be tough. But, you can always catch up with the professionals for that instant help.

For the rear window wipers or the heaters:

Always be sure that the window heaters or wipers should not harm the vehicle lettering you have invested your money in. For that, it is better to start maintaining the blades well. If the blades work fine, the lettering won’t get harm at any cost. There are some tools to check VIN number online, for example Ford VIN Decoder.

Now for the exposure to elements:

It is always mandatory for you to store the vehicle in its allotted garage or any covered parking spot when not in use. It helps to keep the letters away from direct sunlight exposure, which prevents color fading to a great extent. In case you cannot find any covered parking spot, then use a cloth to cover the car, at least during day time.

Some of the careful cleaning options to consider:

It is true that you have invested a lot of money to create the best vinyl letters. So, you want the products to last long and offer the right kind of branding you need. For that, focusing on some of the careful cleaning measurements will work out well. People usually think that after sticking the letters, they don’t have any work left. Well, this is not the truth. Careful cleaning from time to time will help you big time.

  • Never try to power-wash the vehicle as that might lift off the sticker or the vinyl lettering with ease. Vinyl letters cannot handle such powerful washes.
  • Most people will recommend you to go for hand washing. However, if you have any brushless car wash, then that will be ok as well unless the letters have thin strokes where there is less adhesive to hold the letters together.
  • If your car went through any kind of fuel spill, make sure to clean that up instantly. Fuel is not good for your vinyl letters.
  • The cleaning products that you will be using need to be non-abrasive in nature, mild, and non-solvent at the same time. Research for such products as the market houses so many of them already.

Make sure to pre-clean up the difficult contaminants like bird droppings, bug splatter, or even tree sap. You can rinse the dirt with clean water and dry it first before applying the lettering. Follow the norms well, and as mentioned and you will end up with high-end longevity of vinyl lettering.

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