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Luxury Bathroom Must Haves in 2022

Homeowners are consistently looking for ways to make their home that bit more luxurious. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top luxury bathrooms must haves.

Make the Most of the Bathroom Lighting:

Just like any room in the house, the lighting you choose to have in your bathroom can dramatically alter the way a space appears. Therefore, finding the right lighting is an absolute necessity if you want your bathroom to look luxurious. Instead of an overhead hanging light that can sometimes look dingy, you could use LED strip lighting around the bathroom, which is a great way to modernise the space and add the option of multiple colours of lighting. Alternatively, if you have the space, then you could add a chandelier overhead-style light, which is a great way to add a sense of drama to the room. Layered lighting is also a great way to enhance the luxury of the space, as then you have the option to use subtle illuminations around the bathroom rather than harsh, full lighting all the time.

Make Sure You Invest in High Quality Materials:

Any space that is luxurious is typically made up of high-quality materials. Materials such as Italian marble, quartz and onyx are all perfect materials to add to parts of your bathroom, such as on your countertops and for the flooring. However, one thing to think about if you are going to add these materials to your bathroom floor is that when they’re wet, they can become quite slippery which is a hazard.

Have Sleek Fixtures:

An instant way to add luxury to the property is by adding sleek fixtures to the space. Your fixtures are the focus of the room, therefore adding in stylish designs is a great way to make the space appealing and ooze those elements of luxury throughout. For example, you could segregate the whole area of wet space to a bathroom with a glass shower enclosure. By doing this, you can create a sense of openness in your home. In addition to this, a great selection of luxurious bathroom fittings for your hardware can create an effortless sense of luxury in the home. Features such as dual sinks, or a bathtub jacuzzi are a great way to create a spacious and luxury element for your bathroom.

Try to Create a Space that Resembles a Spa:

Since lockdown, the world has become obsessed with replicating things we see on the outside world from the comfort of our own home. Because of this, the notion of home spas has become increasingly popular. Therefore, people are adding more products to their bathroom such as eucalyptus, candles and a way to play soothing music to their bathrooms as a way to emulate a spa like essence.

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