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Low-cost DIY ideas for skirting at your home

Home decoration is an excellent form of art. There are a lot of creative ideas to give your home a makeover. Mainly, home decoration includes coloring the walls or adding showpieces here and there. But, you can also go for relatively grand and better makeover plans. For example, adding plywood or other skirting to create patterns all over the place is a great idea. Here in this article, we will discuss some available and cheap DIY ideas. The best thing about these ideas is that we are using the alternative for plywood skirting here. Plywood is the most common particle to use for avoiding. But, if you are looking for something exclusive and way cheaper than these plywood sheets, then this article is for you. Please scroll below to get a brief discussion.

Alternative to plywood skirting

Talking about the alternatives of these plywood skirts comes the vinyl skirting materials.

Vinyl skirting

Vinyl sheets are more feasible and available in the market than plywood sheets. These are lighter than the plywood sheets and way cheaper. You can use the vinyl sheets mostly in outdoor decoration if there is extra space in your front yard or out of the door. You can add a few vertical vinyl skirts to create a make-shift balcony. It is gorgeous and functional. Using the outskirts as a leisure period looks nice with two chairs and a tea table. The area is also helpful to dry clothes or create home gardens. Holographic vinyl contains color changing chips that create the effect of depth and dimension. Available in many special effect colors and finishes, Holographic will take your designs to a new level.


It is pretty uncommon in urban areas. Most of the civilized regions will not recommend it, and there are legit reasons. But, hay balls are widely familiar in the urban and outskirts of the city areas. If winter is settling down in your area for quite a long time now, you can use hay bales to make decorative pieces. Covering the ceiling with a layer of hay is also a good idea to reduce the cold sensation. Hang some handmade lamp or such crafty showpiece to give your home a permanent Halloween makeover. This technique is widely popular in the Southeast Asian region.

Fake panel

You can also use fake panels as an excellent alternative to plywood skirting materials. There are a lot of advantages to using faux panels rather than vinyl and plywood. Pieces of vinyl are not long-lasting at all. These vinyl sheets tend to bend very easily and break under the slightest pressure. Once you remove it or try to modify it, mainly the sheets will go out of function. Fake panels can save you a lot of hassle from here. These faux panels are heavier and more robust than vinyl or PVC panels. So, you will get a more extended benefit and a cheaper rate overall. Besides, it can create an illusion of pillars or a stack inside your home. You can divide the room or make a separate space for your needs. Decoration and improvisation at one work is a good deal.

Where to use it?

These skirting materials are multi-purpose. You can mainly use these sheets to cover the joints or any hinge in the wall. It will act as a fake and outer covering. But, especially, these sheets provide a good cover and make it look like a wall decoration. So, you do not need to worry about the outer look of your home anymore. It is not only suitable for inside uses. You can use these sheets outside successfully too. For example, if you plan to make a mobile house, then wooden or plywood skirting is not a choice. It will be cumbersome and costly. You can easily choose the best alternative material from this article.

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