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Don’t Miss Out the Audie by Luminous India

Planning to buy a smart ceiling fan but confused about which one to buy? Well, considering the rate at which new smart fans are getting launched, it is obvious for anyone to feel confused. But don’t worry because in this post we bring to you the Audie – a smart ceiling from the house of Luminous India. It is one of the best-selling fans available in the market right now.  So without further adieu, let’s quickly get down to what makes Audie a great buy.

Audie by Luminous – An Introduction

Luminous India recently introduced its first IoT-enabled smart ceiling fan – the Audie. It is a beautiful ceiling fan that comes with a new-age design that goes with any home decor. The fan also comes with a dust repellent coating that makes it almost maintenance-free. But the most outstanding thing about the fan is that it brings convenience at your fingertip by giving you three smart options to control your ceiling fan without having to move from your place. Yes, you read that right – not one, not two but three smart control options. Come let’s take a look at what those three smart options are.

1. Smartphone

Simply download and install the Luminous Smartlife App on your smartphone to control the Audie without having to walk up to the switchboard. And the good thing is that the app can be downloaded and controlled by multiple users. The app now just allows you to switch a fan ON/OFF but it also lets you vary the fan speed on a 5-step dial.

2. Voice Control Assistant – Alexa

Until now, your Alexa could perform tasks such as play your favorite song, or read out the news to you. But now you can also control your smart ceiling fan with Alexa’s help. And that’s not all, Alexa also lets you create preset schedules which switches off/on a fan as per a preset command.

3. Remote Control

While the smartphone app and Alexa are the new generation’s way of controlling a ceiling fan, our parents and grandparents might want to use a simpler method for controlling the fan. Well, for people of that age group or the ones who aren’t very tech savvy, Luminous India offers a third option – remote control.


Let us now get on to the other important specifications such as sweep size, air delivery, fan speed and more.

Air Delivery – 230 CMM

Air delivery is one of the most important specifications that you need to consider when buying a ceiling fan. That’s because air delivery tells you about the volume of air it will deliver. The air delivery of a fan is measured in CMM (Cubic Meters Per Minute). The air delivery of a fan depends on several factors such as fan speed, number of blades, fan size and more.

Sweep Size – 1200 mm

Sweep size, also referred to as the fan size, is the diameter of the circular area covered by the fan when it is in rotation. It is important to check the sweep size because the fan size varies depending on the size of the room. For example, the Luminous Audie that has a sweep size of 1200 mm is best suited for rooms size around 75 sq.feet to 160 sq. feet.

Fan Speed – 380 RPM

The speed of a fan is measured in terms of RPM (Rotations Per Minute). As mentioned earlier fan speed is an important factor that contributes to the air delivery (air quality)  of a ceiling fan. But like we said, it is not the only factor that determines air delivery. So remember, a higher fan speed doesn’t guarantee a more powerful air delivery.

Power Consumption – 70 Watts

It’s a no-brainer that – the lower the power consumption, the lower the energy bills. Luminous India pays utmost importance to energy efficiency, and therefore, all its fans are manufactured keeping energy efficiency in mind. The Audie, too, is no exception. It’s a highly energy-efficient fan that only consumes 70 watts of power.

No of Blades – 3

Colour – Mirage White

Warranty – 2 Years

Bring Home the Audie, Today!

If you are looking for a smart fan that not just allows convenience but also accentuates the beauty of your home decor then don’t look further and bring home the Audie, today. The best thing about the fan is that it is reasonably priced as compared to its competition which makes it a very attractive proposition.

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