Locate, Lock & Wipe: Top Android Device Manager Apps You Need To Know About

Smartphones have become an essential commodity for most people nowadays. Everyone carries around at least one phone in their pockets, and in the age of information technology, device & data protection are the foremost priority for many.

A major market share of smartphones is carried by Android phones, and Android device management has become the go-to solution for ensuring both device and data security. Android mobile device management software can make many things convenient for users by making it easy for them to back-up, restore, access, sync, and transfer data, locate devices, send files over-the-air, and so on.

Let’s take a look at the 3 best Android device manager apps out there that can make your lives easier.

1. SureMDM

SureMDM is a sure-shot way to secure your Android device. This Android device manager is a flexible app that can be used by individuals, and enterprises alike. You can conveniently manage your company-owned Android devices from this app, along with employee-owned Android devices that are used to access company data.

SureMDM is a perfect companion to any business or individual looking to secure their Android device. This Android device manager app can help you in locating your enrolled devices, resetting them, or wiping sensitive information from lost or stolen devices.

2. Cerberus

This app has been long-standing in the list of the top Android manager apps. The app comes with a variety of features that makes it one of the most diverse find my phone apps in the market.

This app has dynamic features like resetting your phone, displaying custom message/s on the screen, locking your phone, sounding alarms, and much more.

As useful as it is affordable, this app is worth investing in for individual use, as it can even give you access to the front camera of your device to remotely capture the image of the person who has stolen your device. However, Cerberus is not available to download from the Play Store. You will have to download the apk file from their official website.

3. Find My Device – Google

This native app is the best in business Android device manager app out there for individual use. Easy and free to use, this app can not only help you locate your device, but also manage it through a computer for wiping the data on the device or locking it in case you lose your phone.

The app doesn’t have any in-app purchases or advertising, which makes it a very user-friendly tool. Moreover, the app also comes with a feature to display a customized message on the phone so that any person who comes across the device knows that you can see the phone’s location.


While there are many options for Android device manager apps on the Play Store, only some have cracked the code of being comprehensively optimized to help the users out in the time of need.

While searching for the right device manager, don’t restrict yourself to the basic location, lock, and wipe functionalities. Look for an app with complete holistic solutions to ensure your Android device’s security is never compromised.

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