Lionel Messi news farewell Barcelona in tears

Lionel Messi news has become an atmosphere. The press conference was filled with tears. Because it closes 21 years of young players. From the Barcelona team, “Lionel Messi” has announced his retirement from the Barcelona club. official After the execution of the contract the New version with the Azul Grana army is not perfect because in the beginning There is news that they are preparing to extend the contract for another 5 years but in exchange for a reduction in value. 50 percent tired 

Because the club has a large debt But not long ago An official press release has been issued about the talks being irrational due to the issue. In terms of money that cannot be agreed upon,  Messi, his wife, and his children have traveled to the club. to announce farewell for the last time with a sad atmosphere that This is difficult. The best of Messi 

Because over the years Messi and his family have been living here their entire lives, from the age of 13 to now 21, and the family has always believed that this is home, which is still unanswered. How many more years will he be able to come back here again? Messi has to say thank you for everything. 

Everyone on the team, past, and present, and everyone at the club, is always by their side. Both beautiful things happen here. And some bad things, but all help him grow up and become Lionel Messi today, also saying: After many defeats You can go back and rehearse and edit UFA again. 

But now I can’t come back. My time with this club is over, so it’s the moment. The hardest thing in my life and the fact that it happened is that  I am leaving. Fans for a time a year and a half ago I want to imagine a stadium full of football fans and a proper farewell But unfortunately, it has to be like this with the prediction that Messi will also join the team as a member of Paris Saint-Germain.

The statistics that Lionel Messi has made at the Barcelona club until the club legend has many statistics. by being accepted being the greatest player in the history of this sport ever It also has a record of all-time goalscoring stars or being the highest scorer. of Barcelona Voicing a record of 672 goals, the Argentine netted 73 goals in the 2011 season, and also earned the title of top scorer in El Clasico,  with Messi able to score against Real Madrid. 

His all-time opponent has 26 goals and is still a person who can. The most hat-tricks were scored 48 times, which was considered the most. As before and can score 50 goals from free-kicks. It is also considered Most played athlete,  with Lionel Messi making 778 appearances for the club, a record in many areas of play, with fans still able to follow Messi’s performance. Because Messi has said that he will continue to play football. as far as it can still be done which must be followed up..

that after this Messi will be a member of any club Of course, all fans believe that Messi will continue to be a legend that is always mentioned in Argentina. even going to different clubs But it was his talent that stood out and was the most memorable. From now on we will continue to see the legend of Messi playing on the football field.

Thai League football program for the 2021-2022 ยูฟ่าเบ season and this year’s favorites. The latest Thai League football season 2021-2022, from the original competition on July 24, 64, and the opening season from July 31 to August 1, 2021 has been postponed to August 13, 2021, and still has to win. Postpone the competition again? due to covid situation In the present that is intense at the moment and according to the original schedule, it was planned that. 

The first will end in December. Because at that time, there will be the AFF Suzuki Cup before returning to kick in the second leg in January and finish the match in May, which the authorities are trying. will organize a competition program of the Thai League 1 2 to stay in the same period Because it will affect the signing of the players. Therefore, the competition program has been shifted. Only the first leg for 2 weeks only

In addition, Khunakornwee Pranananthakul Acting President of Management of Thai League Co., Ltd. also said There was talk of preparation for the opening of the competition which is considered vaccination is important to make the competition go as planned The president of the association, therefore, has coordinated to each province and SAT (Sports Authority of Thailand) that half of the clubs in the Thai League 1 2 have been vaccinated already. 

The rest are still in condition. to try to coordinate I believe that in July There will be more vaccines coming to Thailand which will enable the club to be fully vaccinated and able to open the competition program. according to the plan which, however, must continue to follow up to be able to proceed According to the plan and will there be a postponement of the opening schedule or not?

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