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Violin is the oldest form of instrument, which is having high significance in Indian Classical Music as well as in Western music. Violin is also known as Fiddle. It is made up of wood and having 4 strings usually tuned in perfect fifths with notes G3, D4, A4, and E5, played with drawing a bow across the strings. Interested aspirants who are fond of Violin can start learning it online from today. Saamaveda Music Academy provides Online Music Classes for vocal and instruments for music adherents.

Online Violin Course

Carnatic Violin Classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced candidates will be provided through online at Skype. We provide the weekend classes and weekday classes for learners in preferable slots. We offer various online music course sat our academy. Online classes and offline classes will be provided as per the choice of pursuers. Violin Course Onlinewill be provided for all the age groups from kids to elders. Personalized and group classes will be offered for students as per their priority.

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Online Carnatic Music Classes – Violin Course Information

Online Violin Classes includes the basics about the violin such as key components, proper guidance about violin posture, finger positions, holding the bow, tuning the violin, and complete handling of violin will be taught. In Violin Classes, aspirants will be guided in AdjustingSruthi, Identifying Sruthi patterns, Reading, identifying notations, and playing the songs on violin will be taught. Additionally, trainers will be guided in various apps such as tuning fork, digital tuner, and others. Learners will be guided in violin brands to buy a violin.

How the Violin Course will be taught?

Violinists must initially have a good understanding about rhythm, musical sense, andgood listening skills. So, the trainers will be initially trained in these grounds and Carnatic Music Classes basics and lessons will be introduced as they are important to learn the Violin. Students will be trained to play the Carnatic lessons on Violin. Expert tutors will be guiding the upcoming violinists in bowing techniques, violin position and holding positions, and playing the instrument properly to get the pleasant sound.

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Violin Courses Offered in Saamaveda Music Academy

  • Carnatic Violin classes For Beginners
  • Intermediate Violin classes
  • Advanced Violin classes

Contact Info

Free Demo Class: People seeking to attend the demo classes can register on WhatsApp +91 9866513521.

Website: Visit to check the Vocal music information.

Our team will respond immediately for your queries.

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