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In baseball, each team has nine defensive players. The positions are numbering so that the referees can record the game. However, these numbers do not correspond at all to the numbers worn by the players. Before we get into the details about the role each player play, we would suggest you to take a look at these baseball bats including the drop 5 options in case you have been looking for them online.

Role of each player

Pitcher: the pitcher throws the ball towards the strike zone and is the only player allowed to do so. The pitchers are selecting for the quality of the shots and not for the quality of hitting or defence. The pitcher is also the player closest to the batter, at a distance of 18.44 yards, or 60 feet 6 inches. The launchers starters only play a five approximately (depending on rotation Team launchers) and are often replaced by another pitcher, so the quality of defence can quickly increase or decrease. 

Catcher: The catcher is a crucial player because he works with the pitchers to choose the pitch type and position. The quality of defence is essential, and some receivers have a relatively low batting average compared to other players. He has several responsibilities, including catching the pitched ball, preventing runners from stealing bases and defending home plate against a runner trying to score a run.

First Base: First base players are often selecting for the quality of the hitting. Mark McGwire, for example, has recorded over 500 career home runs as a first baseman. The first baseman is responsible for catching the ball thrown at the first baseline by another infielder to record the outs. The first bases can also register assists by completing double games. Thus, first basemen register more strikeouts than assists.

Second Base: Second base players must catch the ball and throw it to the first base to record outs. The player himself registers assistance. He is also responsible for starting and completing double games.

Third Base: Third base players are usually right-handed. They are responsible for catching the ball, throwing it to the first base, and catching the ball slapped in the air.

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Shortstop: Shortstops play the same position like second base players, the only difference being that they are further away from first base, and therefore must throw it with more force. 

Outfield player: Outfield players are very often choosing for the quality of the shot. They have to be fast runners to reach the batted ball in the air. The centre fielder is often the fastest because he has to hit balls hit in right and left field. 

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