Leaked Barcelona’s Secret contract with Messi


Messi is the name of a living legend.  The boy has been coming to Barcelona since the age of 13, along with the famous Argentine captain and he.  The player, who has won the Ballon d’Or six times, started his watch from Barcelona.

Which magazine Published Messi’s salary

The number of news stories you’ve read over the last year or so can give you a good idea of ​​the number, but surely he thinks it’s been a long time since Messi decided to leave his childhood club Barcelona.  Messi was caught in a fight. Everything was going well so far, but the Spanish daily El Mundo exploded in a hurry.

Amount of Messi’s Agreement

The newspaper leaked the latest contract with Messi in 2017 to show that according to the latest agreement, Messi’s total income from Barcelona in four years will be 55 crores 52 lakh 37 thousand 619 euros, which amounts to more than 5702 crores 81 lakh 37 thousand takas.  LM10 received more than 1.52 million euros for signing the contract and also received 78 million euros as a loyalty bonus. Barcelona has had to pay 138 million euros as a bonus during the Corona epidemic.

How this information got to the magazine

There was supposed to be only four parties. That is Messi, lawyer, Barcelona, or La Liga. Messi and his lawyer will have a problem if the information is leaked and they have no profit. La Liga has had a bad relationship with big teams for a long time, but they have no special interest in talking about Messi Barcelona has a huge financial problem in Corona.  There is no good relationship with the president .the emergency president says the business has made a mistake by not allowing Messi to go.

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