Lead generation – what is it in simple words?

What the hell is lead generation? Contrary to popular belief, lead generation isn’t about just emailing or cold calling. In a nutshell, lead generation is all about customer acquisition. The process of lead generation is pretty simple, but it’s hard to get it right, like most simple things.

For many organisations, this can turn into an insurmountable problem.

The abundance of information on the Internet about lead generation has led to increased “mindful companies,” which postpone lead generation outsourcing and try to do it by themselves. However, all that glitters is not gold, and here we will recommend ways that can turn ordinary clients into leads more efficiently than ever before.

Forehead advertising no longer works!

With the advancement of the Internet, there was an “Information explosion”. In the last few years, humanity has created much more data than in the entire previous history.

The ocean of information has absorbed people’s attention and made them overwhelmed with ads on every corner. Nowadays, customers want to self-study information before buying any product or services.

Customers have changed, the buying process has become much easier, but 90% of the marketers still do not want to change and work as usual. Today, it has become necessary to look for new and creative ways to reach customers through all the information noise. This article can help you learn about effective lead generation methods that will help your business in the era of information fatigue.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of gathering a customer base by finding and identifying potential clients for a business’s product and service. In the future, these customers can be contacted again and turned into real shoppers. Usually, lead generation begins with a sales funnel and consists of getting traffic and processing it.

A lead is a potential customer from the target base interested in your organization’s product or services and may have left his contact, made an application, requested a call, or indicated an email in the feedback form. Sales leads are very different from marketing leads. Depending on the stage of the sales funnel, leads can be classified into:

  1. Cold (those who haven’t heard about the product)
  2. Warm (heard, but doesn’t wants to buy now)
  3. Hot (ready to make a purchase)

Channels for generating leads

Lead generation is any company’s secret weapon and to win a war, you need to effectively use this powerful weapon. Here are some of the ways that can help a company generate leads more efficiently than ever before.

1. Chatbots

One thing is for sure chatbots are insanely valuable. Even though they are with us for a long time, since 2019, they have become much more ubiquitous. A large number of digital marketers use them as their primary source for lead generation.

Nowadays, you can easily find them in online stores, where chatbots are used to inform customers about new promotions. Chatbots can also communicate with clients by solving their issues. They are very easy to develop since people usually ask the same kind of questions.

2. Forms with a lead magnet

Lead generation is a headache for marketers, and it will only get worse! Every day it is getting more complicated and expensive. Today, the Internet is overflowing with free materials. Most of these “99+ ways to generate lead” guides aren’t worth giving up your email address for.

For an effective lead generation strategy, you need a content superstar who can think outside the box and try something new. When you have valuable material ready, you can start posting it on your company’s website and request visitors to leave the mailing address in exchange for your super valuable material. It could be anything, be it a checklist, instruction manual, trial version, or book.

3. Cross-promotion

Cross-promotion is an old effective lead generation method, but many marketers tend to ignore it. If another company is very similar to yours, then your targeted audience will be the same as them. Let’s say you make shoes. An outdoor sports store would be the ideal cross-promotion partner. But, you are free to make partnerships with a gym, running club, or targeting athletes’ habitats.

4. Paid advertising

This method can be expensive, but it’s a sure-shot method to generate quality leads. It directly connects a company with buyers looking for the same product, ready to buy now, even without a discount. A company can use Google Adwords or Bing to display ads and attract the attention of potential customers.

4. Social networks

Today, everyone spends at least five to six hours a day on social media. Social media is used not only to keep in touch with family and friends but also to express views and opinions about different things. This provides many opportunities for businesses to listen to current customers and interact with potential customers.

How to generate leads from social media? For this, there are special lead generation companies for small businesses that can run ads for you.

5. Website (SEO)

It’s a fact that people love to self-study information before making a purchase. Why not give them what they need? The best method to do this is blogging, publishing articles, tutorials, reviews and other educational and useful materials.

A well-maintained blog can dramatically increase the company reputation as an authority in its field and build trust. According to a recent Hubspot research, companies with a blog generate 64% more leads than those who don’t. In addition, this is one of the most cost-effective methods for lead generation.

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6. YouTube channel

YouTube is now literally the second search engine. People love to consume video content, and this trend is only growing. Channels on YouTube are the fastest growing marketing tool and the newest among all lead generation methods.

Videos make it easier to understand the product rather than read a long article about it. Businesses can use it as a  great lead generation tactic. However, don’t forget to include your link in the description box or capture form in the video description.

In B2B businesses, the most popular lead generation technique is face-to-face phone contacts and meetings. The high cost of each lead is justified by the high cost of a potential contract. Internet lead generation methods are suited for all kinds of businesses except for those selling cheap impulse products. In this case, the cost per lead can be unprofitable.

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