Know more about the Terms used in 21 card rummy

21 card rummy is an elaborate variant of the dynamic game of 13 card rummy. Like in In Deals Rummy, players play with chips that are allocated at the beginning of the deal for a pre-determined number of deals. It can be fun and challenging to play this game. It is a game of patience and fun. Rummy is a fast-paced game and you should always be observant and on your guard to snatch a win. You can enjoy this game with friends anywhere. All you need are 3 decks of cards and 3 printed jokers. In 21 card rummy, there is a lower joker and upper joker. The rules of 21 card rummy are the same as 13 card rummy, barring a few changes. You can have up to 6 players at a time playing this game. With Gamezy, you can play rummy and win cash!

To enjoy the game, you must understand it and learn terms that may be useful while playing. Let us take a quick look at the commonly used terms while playing 21 card rummy.

  1. Joker – A joker is like a wild card that can be used in place of a card to make an impure sequence. Joker can be a printed one or a wild joker that is decided by the players at the beginning of the game. Joker is also called a wildcard.
  2. Upper Joker – At the beginning of the game, a wild card joker is picked by the players. The card higher in face value and of the same suit is called the upper joker. For example, if 3 of hearts is the wild card joker, then 4 of hearts is the upper joker.
  3. Lower joker – The card which has a lower face value than that of the wild card joker is called the lower joker. The lower value card should be of the same suit.
  4. Tunnela or London – A group of 3 identical cards of the same suit and rank is called a Tunnela or London in 21 card rummy. A joker cannot be used to complete a Tunnela. However, 3 printed jokers can form a Tunnela or London.
  5. Dublee – 2 identical cards of the same value are called dublee. A valid dublee can also be formed with 2 printed jokers together. One card plus one joker, whether it is a printed one or a wild card joker, is not valid. Joker cannot be used in dublee unless it is being used for its face value.
  6. Value cards – The upper joker, lower joker, and the wild card joker together are called value cards. These have the same attributes as the joker.

Point calculation for 21 card rummy can be complicated and there is a simple way to remember how to do it.

The total score of the player = Points won in the game by the player (positive if you are the declarer, while the opponent loses points so negative for him/her) + each non dropped player receives points for the value cards that he/she has in hand – these are the value card points that are given to each non dropped player.

As they say, the more the merrier. With 3 decks and 6 players, it applies to 21 card rummy too!

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