Know How to Train Your Dog for the Electric Fence

Installing an electric fence is incomplete without making your dog trained for the system. But you have to make the right decision about your dog’s training as a simple wrong step can change the complete effectiveness of the system.

It takes hardly two weeks for the dogs to get trained about the electric dog fence system. But to make the system useful, you need to enroll your pet dog in a professional training class of 15 minutes daily, or you can do it yourself.

Steps Included in Training Your Dog

You need to make your dog trained about the system one by one. The pet must get to know the system individually. Especially the beep in the collar that your pet wore at the neck beeps whenever the dog is around the fence. So, you need to follow the steps carefully.

Initial Period-

  • The dog must learn that the beep of the collar is a warning, and it needs to turn and retreat from the journey. You can use boundary flags to make them realize what their limitations are.
  • Once the foundation is done right, the dog becomes aware of its condition and will avoid anything that would provide it the correction through the collar. But for regular training, you need to control the limitation to a lesser level possible.
  • The dog must be leashed in the first few sessions to stay in your control. But make sure you are not attaching the leash and the collar to create extra pressure.
  • Provide rewards to your dog and praise it adorably when it listens to you and comes back from the flag boundaries in your common of ‘no.’
  • You must make the dog trained in the same way for at least the first three days, covering different places of the yard at least thrice a day.Visit here: Filmygod

Warning with Proper Correction-

  • In this stage, you need to add a real correction to understand that reaching the flag line will correct after the warning beep.
  • The retreat will be reinforced with the correction added to the warning.
  • The correction must be in balance, so the dog attends to the correction and never feels overwhelmed with it. This is much needed in training dogs on electric fence.
  • But continue to start and end with normal playtime regularly.

Testing Submission

  • You need to use temptation on the other side of the fence. The dog must follow the rule in this exciting moment too.
  • The dog must understand that it needs to maintain the boundary rule when there is reason to go to the other side of the boundary.
  • After repetitive controlled practice, you will have to try the same thing, unleashing the dog in the last few days of the training sessions.
  • The weak points in the training or any other addition required can be done in this stage which is impossible later.
  • Don’t forget to praise and reward your adorable pet at all.Read more about: 7starhd

In the last stage, you continue the complete training process with your pet dog without any leash, and if it completes the task with temptation on a positive note, you can be assured that it is finally ready to enter the system.

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