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Husband and wife are like the steering wheel of the car that controls the house. They are one unit that takes care of the house. They share the responsibilities of the house.  Partners are meant to support each other and help each other in thick and thin.  They together build their house. They plan their expenses and much more. We can see a balanced life in this sketch. However, at times uncertain situation appears and things do not remain the same. Today, we are talking in the context of drugs. As we can see that trends of drugs are increasing every passing day. People are getting more involved in the use of drugs gradually. When any of your partners or family member enters the world of drugs, he not only destroys himself but also shatters the family unit. When one of your partners is involved in drugs, he won’t be able to share any responsibility. As we discussed above that partners have to build their house by contributing to the house. They have to look over their parents, take care of their children’s expenses, schools, bills, groceries, etc. In today’s scenario, it is observed that when one partner gets involved in drugs, the discipline of the house breaks down. The finance needed for the children’s expenses is spent on drugs now. The life that was full of love gets converted into a life full of arguments and fights. The children of such couples face sheer consequences as an outcome.

Life of a child who lives with substance use disorder

Substance use disorder depicts the use of different drugs and alcohol. Some people only consume alcohol whereas some people combine drugs and alcohol for a more strong effect. When the parents start the substance use disorder, they fail to meet their obligations at home and workplace. Their health status gets worse day by day. Unfortunately, the children of such addicted parents face a lot of problems like:

  • Lower socioeconomic status

Children of such parents face financial issues. The drugs are not a cheap buying product. People when get addicted can sale out everything for their need. There are hundreds of people who sell out their jewelry, house, car, and other expensive belongings just to fulfill the craving and need for the drug. The savings that parents save for their children’s bright future is spent on drugs.

  • Academia Complications

When the financial situation gets out of hand due to substance use disorder of parents, it leads to unpaid fees of academic institutions of their children. Such children face major complications in getting their education as all the money is spent on drugs and they have no money left to pay for the school fee.

  • Social settings

The other important issue faced by children is embarrassment in social gatherings. Their friends and family relatives make fun of them. The people of our society consider drug abuse a taboo. They do not understand that it is a disease. The relatives make this time more difficult instead of giving support. Such children build up complex behavior. They avoid sitting with their friends because they think that their addicted parents are an embarrassment for them and people will make fun of them. As a result, they choose silence and loneliness to get an escape.

  • Family functioning

A family which once was living with love, care, and support drastically changes to a disturbed family because of substance use disorder. There is no bonding left between such parents and children. The life of a couple gets busy in an all-time argument about expenses and other issues.

  • Parental abuse

Parents that are addicted have no control over what they speak. They often physically and verbally abuse their kids and partner. They are in full control of drugs and they have no control left over themselves. They become senseless and stop thinking before speaking. That verbal and physical abuse leaves forever mark on the childhood of kids. They start questioning their existence due to horrible circumstances.

  • Neglected children

Children need time with their parents. They deserve the attention of their parents. They need their support and responsiveness. When parents are busy with drugs, the children feel neglected and their mental health gets affected as well. There are chances that they will suffer in silence or there is the possibility that they will find attention somewhere else. Children need attention and quality time with their families. They love sitting with their parents, having a good time by watching any series together and eating together. They love when their parents listen to their stories that how their day was. But the drugs take this happy time and leave the children to suffer.

  • Few household resources

Lastly, but not the least issue is few household resources. When finance is consumed over drugs then there is no money left to buy food and groceries. The bills of such families are mostly unpaid and they face debt in most cases.

What needs to be done?

Above, we analyzed the entire situation that what a family of an addicted person looks like. Do you think that it is necessary to live in suffering when we have other options? We all need to be aware of the treatment resources we have. There is no need of watching out for your family in pain. Take the initial step and get your partners to admit to a drug detox center. Every disease on this planet can be cured and so is addiction. Instead of destroying the future of your children, take the step towards treatment. Many centers offer very affordable treatment. Check out VSM Austin Detox for more information. Secure the future of your partner and kids and do not suffer. The centers medically focus on the patient’s need and focus on their mental conditions as well. They treat the addiction in many ways. They do counseling and trigger the factors leading towards addiction.  Do not wait and take a step before the situation gets worse.

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