Is Quartz Banger a Better Option to Use When Dabbing?

Dabbing has gone a long way. The process keeps changing over time, and equipment is also improving to keep up. As the concentrates were also introduced in the marijuana industry, it paved the way for the glass industry to create tools and equipment perfect for dabbing. One of the innovations gives birth to the creation of banger.

Banger, sometimes called nails, is one of the essential items you need when dabbing. Nowadays, a quartz banger or quartz nail is mostly used because of its fast heating capability, which is three times faster than any banger made from other materials such as glass, ceramics, and titanium.

Since there were lots of changes now in dabbing, how do we end up using a quartz banger now, and why do most people prefer to use it among other types of materials? Let’s find out.

Different Materials Used To Make A Banger

Borosilicate glass

Glass, specifically borosilicate glass, is one of the most common materials used to make dabbing equipment. Using glasses is already tried and tested. But since change is constant in the world of dabbing, the components of a banger made from glass are not enough to resist heat and improve the dabbing experience.

Glass bangers can break easily, especially when it is always exposed to high temperatures over time. For this reason, you might need to buy new equipment for you to use more frequently. It also takes more time to get heated compared to other materials.

But when it comes to taste, ease of cleaning, and safety, glass bangers are a bang! They are food and medical-grade safe, and it ensures to provide a more flavorful experience.


Both glass and titanium are used in the medical industry. But titanium made bangers can handle heat better and longer than glass. Metals, such as titanium, can also retain and heat up much faster than glass and also has better strength. It will not be melted quickly by a regular torch.

However, some dabbing connoisseurs experience a sharp taste using titanium. It is not just an issue with titanium bangers since some claim to also have it with their quartz banger. This experience may be shared among metal-made bangers like aluminum and copper since they are more reactive.

But if you are in for multiple dabs in one sitting or you like to share it with your friends, using a titanium banger is a better option.


Ceramic bangers offer a much-upgraded experience compared with the previous glass and titanium bangers. Many dabbing enthusiasts prefer using a ceramic banger because it both offers the good features of glass and titanium.

Ceramic can hold heat for a long time and also provide a smooth and clean flavor. Because of this, it became an excellent option for most people who have been dabbing for years. However, it may not be recommended for newbies to use.


To fill in the areas where the above materials fall short leads to the further development of quartz dab banger. Quartz is considered the best material used for bangers among the majority of dabbers.

Using quartz bangers or nails is the most preferred method when heating up. It offers three times faster to heat the concentrates compared to ceramic and titanium bangers. Aside from its ability to handle the heat, it can provide the best dabbing experience as well with its best flavors.

Here are the benefits you can have if you choose quartz banger to add up to your dabbing inventory and overall experience.

Advantages of Using Quartz Banger


Quartz is an excellent material to use because of its durability. With this, you can expect your banger to last for a long time. You can save a lot of money from buying a new one since it will not break easily even if you suddenly drop it.

Because quartz is more durable than glass and ceramics, they are also used in other industries. The strength and durability of quartz bangers will never disappoint you.


Another advantage of using a quartz banger is you will find it easy to clean. You might often use your quartz banger to take in high heat, but it can also be effective over low heat. So after using it on low heat, you will see how easy it is to wipe the remains on your banger. It saves you time and effort, indeed, since you might need to clean other equipment as well. To further clean your banger, you can also use a Q-Tip after every session.

Heat Resilient

We have already been mentioning how quartz bangers can handle heat well in this article. And we will emphasize it again. Using a quartz banger is a game-changer because it is not just durable to use but also resistant to heat. Even if you use it daily, it will not break easily even at high temperatures, unlike glass, which may break easily with frequent exposure to high temperatures.

The strength and durability of quartz bangers are often tested with their resilience to heat. So make sure you invest in trusted brands that sell a good quality quartz-made banger or quartz nail and avoid purchasing from fake ones.


Since you have learned that using titanium bangers may leave a sharp taste in your concentrate, some people also claim it can be an issue with quartz bangers. In contrast, it is tasteless, which means it does not mix up with the original taste of the concentrate.

If you buy a pure quartz banger, it is 100% guaranteed you will not have any other taste because of the pristine silica sands it contains. Thus, no other chemicals will be released on the quartz once it is heated up, leaving you with the pure and original flavor of what you put inside.

Quartz Banger is the Best Option

To sum it up, quartz bangers are the best option if you are looking for better-dabbing equipment to use in your setup. It gets the job done well and leaves you with the best dabbing experience. Just make sure you pick the one from known brands for dabbing to avoid using poor-quality bangers that can get broken after only a few usages.

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