Indulge in an Air of the bygone era with Polki gold Haram

The haram, or long gold necklaces, worn by women on the southern Indian subcontinent, symbolise status. In gold haram designs, you will see variations, such as Temple work, Kundan creations, pearl embellishments, Pachi patterns etc.

Polki harams are another famous design catching on as a fad. They feature a fantastic fusion of both North and South India. Polki work is a centuries-old art of hand-crafting uncut diamonds onto beautiful ornaments, a trademark of Bikaner in Rajasthan that dates back to the Mughal period. At the same time, Haram necklaces have roots in the Southern region. Concurrently they create wonders on any traditional outfit.

What are Polkis and different types of Polki setting jewellery?

Polki is an unpolished, untreated diamond in its natural state, with no artificial enhancement. The stone’s colour is more rustic in comparison to lab-processed diamonds.

Each type of Polki setting, such as jadau, badroom, and takkar, necessitates different skills and yields different results. Placing Polki diamonds on gold foil, known as jadau, gives the gold haram designs a spectacular sparkle when the light shines on them. The method of the badroom has a tulle pattern with 24K gold polkis arranged in a jaali pattern. Setting up takkar polki requires placing embedded polkis next to each other, edge to edge, without any metal packing.

The distinctive feature of Polki Haram

A haram necklace with a Polki setting is longer and heavier than usual necklaces. Often an oversized pendant is added to these neck adornments to accentuate their look. Sometimes, gold haram designs are encrusted with additional precious stones for added glamour. If you want extra oomph, wear a beautiful set of bangles, complimenting your neckwear. We have a large selection of antique gold bangles decorated with Polki that can help garner a decent amount of attention wherever you go.

Polki haram in Bridal trousseau

Nobody holds back when it comes to bridal jewellery in India. Polki gold haram designs are becoming a must-have component of the wedding palette. What is the reason behind their burgeoning popularity? The reason is obvious! The rustic look of Polkis radiates a celebration of nostalgia that gives the piece a different unique aspect. Because of its deep connection to our culture, Polki jewellery, whether a necklace or antique gold bangles, has earned the title of “wearable art.” In the brides’ eyes, it means bringing a little bit of the past into the present. The soothing colour of Polkis, coupled with the gorgeous yellow tone of gold, perfectly matches the ornamentations commonly found on bridal gowns.


Polki is considered one of the most ancient forms of diamond in India and worldwide. No two uncut diamonds are ever the same since they are only polished along their surface. The purity and a distinctive old-world look make Polki gold haram designs pricey. They are always chunkier and more opulent, radiating a sense of sophistication.


Polki gold haram designs lose their lustre and beauty if exposed to dampness or dust. When protecting your most prized possessions, don’t keep them in the velvet cases they come in. Store them in sealed containers and wrap them with butter paper or cotton to keep moisture out.

Avoid storing all of your Polkis pieces in the same container. It may cause scratches by the rubbing of diamonds against one another. Soak them in warm water with a mild soap solution to bring out their lustre. Using a clean cloth, wipe them down after a few hours.

The final words:

Vaibhav Jewellers is one of the largest jewellery firms in South India. It has been acknowledged for reimagining classic Polki gold haram designs for the modern aficionado. Many Polki sets are available, including elegant Antique Polki Haram with Emeralds, multi-layered haram embellished with Polkis, flowery patterns bejewelled with Polki on a gold haram and so on.

Look at our online catalogue if you can’t purchase a gold haram in person. In addition, you can now check them through our Try On and Live Video Shopping features. Your favourite neckpiece is now just a few clicks away.

Each of these pretty baubles is a work of art. There is nothing wrong with referring to our gold haram designs as traditional investments. They can become part of a woman’s legacy and be passed down through the generations.

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