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Ideas to Give Your Home a Contemporary Look Keeping the Tradition Alive

The onset of the modern age drives people to be trendy. It has helped people to update their status and the standard of living. All the people are striving towards leading a modern life and transforming their homes by using all the modern décor accessories to upgrade the appearance of their homes.

India is known for its traditions and all Indian homes have successfully kept the tradition alive. Mandir or the pooja rooms are an integral part of Indian homes. However, sometimes in a hustle and bustle of decking up the home, the prayer room gets neglected. Most of the time, the traditional mandir does not blend well with the modern décor. Yet without compromising on the look, it is possible to have a prayer space that matches the contemporary style. Amazing mandir designs which are available can be used to make a fusion of traditional temples and trendy homes grabbing the attention of all.

Factors to be Considered While Designing the Pooja Space

A pooja room has several applications like offering prayers, meditation, performing rituals etc. Therefore, most people prefer a separate room to transform into a holy space of prayer. However, with modern homes coming into existence, there is no extra room that can be made as a pooja room. In that case, a wonderful devghar design can be chosen and set up in the living room. The following are some factors that are essential when we plan to design a mandir space in our homes –

  • Colour – Colours always fascinate us and it helps in defining a space. A pooja room is a peaceful place and so the hues that are soothing and muted should be selected. The following colours can give the temple a modern look –
  • White – White colour is known to be a colour of peace and tranquility. Painting the walls with this colour gives a subtle and soothing appearance. This colour creates a serene and calming environment which is perfect for any devghar.
  • Yellow – This colour signifies positive energy. The vibrant hues of this colour are believed to be associated with Indian Gods. For a more placid effect, try using softer shades of yellow and make your holy space look dynamic.
  • You can also use muted colours like off-white, indigo and blue for the backdrop of the pooja room making it look vast like the ocean or magnificent like the sky. You can even pick up colours that remind us of our earth and helps us to have a perfect space for meditation. You are free to use bright and flashy colours for a stylish appeal.
  • Flooring – Floorings can be distracting at times. No one wants to be distracted during prayer and meditation. Marble flooring is perfect for the mandir as it looks neat and clean. It creates a surface that is frictionless which is why it is convenient to sit, walk and stand. This adds a charming beauty to the space.

Wooden floors can help add purity to the space and add some elegance and beauty to the Mandir. Make the ambience holy and sacred with these flooring ideas.

Apart from all this, adding decorative jaali to the space for a more efficient and stunning look. This adds décor as well as demarcates the space from the other parts of the room.

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