How watch fit new price is really affordable

New Huawei Smart Watch, Huawei Watch Fit New. This is an update to the Huawei Watch Fit that was released last time and like numerous others” new edition” models that the Chinese establishment has launched to date, these are a better review at the software position and some crucial features. We’ll learn all its features and functions latterly, but first, let’s talk about price. The Huawei Watch Fit New is now available for€ 109, € 20 lower than last time’s model. As usual, it can be bought from Huawei’s website, its stores and numerous other retailers. No matter to watch fit new price it is overall affordable so visit here if you need it, then just to see the features.

  • Huawei Watch Fit New Data Distance
  • Huawei Watch Fit New
  • Confines and weight 46 x 30 x10.7 mm
  • 21 grams without strips
  • 34 grams with strips
  • Swatch standard model 130-210 mm
  • Sakura Punk Model 110-190 mm
  • 64 inch AMOLED screen
  • Resolution 456 x 280 pixels

Small changes in Huawei Watch Fit New

For all intents and purposes, the Huawei Watch Fit New is nearly identical to the Huawei Watch Fit. Outdoors, there’s no difference except for the new colors. The watch weighs 21 grams just like the former model and is10.7 mm thick. There are no new features. It’s worth noting that there are two models whose differences are in the size of the swatch.

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The screen does not change moreover. The device features a1.64- inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 456 x 280 pixels, roughly 326 pixels per inch. That should be sufficient enough to attract pixels to the naked eye. It’s compatible with over 300 cores and dispensable to say, it’s touch sensitive and various.

In terms of functions, the Huawei Watch Fit New features TruSeen4.0 technology (24-hour twinkle and SpO2 monitoring), TruSleep2.0 (sleep stages and twinkle monitoring and SpO2 during sleep), Tru Relax ( stress control) and The menstrual cycle.

Eventually, in terms of autonomy, the Chinese establishment has not bared the battery amperage of the Huawei Watch Fit New, but has made sure that it’s able of holding up to ten days. It also has fast charging. According to Huawei, in just five twinkles you can get enough battery for one day.

Price and vacuity of Huawei Watch Fit New

Huawei Watch Fit New is now available for purchase at the sanctioned store. It costs€ 109 (although it’s blinked at colorful retailers due to Black Friday) and you can get it in black, red, blue and pink.

Design and display

It’s hard to ignore the appearance of the Huawei Watch Fit. It’s a cross between fitness trackers and smartwatches, with a1.64- inch AMOLED portrayal exposure touch display. The watch is extremely comfortable and doesn’t sweat when worn with your traditional silicone swatch. To the right of the 46 mm frame is a button that wakes up the display, or displays the menu. The reverse of the watch is made of plastic and has two essence contact legs for optic detectors and personal bowl.

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