How to wash your human hair weaves

If you don’t have the hair volume or length to create some hairstyles. Human hair weaves can offer more protective style options for people who change their looks frequently or women who suffer from hair loss and thinning.

Human hair weave, as its name tells, is made of natural human hair. Unlike synthetic hair, human hair weaves can be styled with heating tools, such as curling iron and hair straighteners. And they can be bleached and colored with dyeing materials. So human hair bundles are perfect for someone who adores diverse styles and looks. Though human hair weaves have all of the benefits, they require regular maintenance just like your natural hair. And one of the most important steps is to wash your hair weaves correctly. Here are some tips for washing and conditioning your human hair weaves.

Detangle Your Hair With Comb Or fingers

Before you dive into deeply washing your human hair bundles, you should get ready for detangling with a wide-tooth comb. You need to brush your hair weaves from the tips to the roots slowly and gently. You can use your finger if you find the comb hard to use, but you need to make sure that your hands are clean and smooth. Because the weaves are more delicate than your natural hair, so you need to be patient when getting the tangles out of your hair.

Deeply Wash And Condition Your Hair

Prepare shampoo and conditioner without containing sulfate. Sulfates can help strip oil and dirt out of your hair. On the one hand, it’s good for your hair to be cleansed. But it also strips away the oil and moisture, causing your hair to dry and breakage. Sulfates can do the same results for your human hair extensions.

Firstly, you should put your hair into warm water and recognize your weaves and natural hair, and pay more attention to your weaves. Then apply some shampoo to your hair and wash them patiently and gently, and avoid rubbing your hair weaves in the same way as washing your natural hair. And massage your scalp and weave tracks with your fingers instead of your nails.

After washing the hair, you can apply the conditioner. Using a conditioner can strengthen the cuticle for avoiding hair dryness and breakage. It’s suggested that two or three minutes will suffice for the conditioner to nourish the virgin hair bundles. Then you can risen your hair if you don’t use the leave-in conditioner. It’s important for maintaining the health of the hair because the natural oil can’t work well in the hair weave.

Air-Dry Your Hair

Instead of using the hairdryer to dry your hair, it’s the best and safe to let your hair dry naturally. A blow dryer can da damage your weaves and natural hair due to the heat. But remember to dry your hair thoroughly, otherwise, the weaves have a chance to have mold which can have smell and scalp itch. So let the air do the work for you.

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