How To Use Instagram For Your Betterment

Instagram is full of content that is not just entertaining but also informative and useful. From various educational posts to useful shopping items that can make your tasks easier and faster Instagram has it all covered. Instagram has evolved from a simple photo sharing app to a much developed and better platform to share content, display talent, and promote business and much more. If you are still just scrolling through the feed and reels aimlessly then you are probably at loss. You can use Instagram in a number of ways for your own betterment. With the biggest social media platform to host business and grow globally, using it to its full potential is vital. In order to ace the game of Instagram, here are certain tips and tricks to help you use Instagram for your betterment and growth.

  1.  Find engagement: You can be a content creator or a person promoting their business online, Instagram helps you get all the exposure required to mask more views on your content increasing your reach. But all this requires you to post amazing content that is customer centered and involves customer participation. To increase engagement on your content you can use call-to-action buttons, polls, give-aways, and link open tab. If you want to copy-paste content from other Instagram accounts then you can use StoriesIG for doing so. Just enter the username of any Instagram account to download their best content.
  2.  Display your talents and express yourself: Instagram is not just a platform to share pictures; you can even display your talent on the platform. Instagram provides you great exposure to express yourself and even portray your talent in front of a million people. What else would one want? Share your hobby with others while encouraging them to be a part of it. People on Instagram have used the reels feature to showcase their dance, singing, acting, painting and much more. Take up anything you do and draft fun videos for your viewers.
  3.  Voice issues: In a world where we are going through so many issues on a daily basis, the platform provides a huge audience to address issues. This is not necessarily done to create a movement or violence, but help create awareness in the society. Be the voice that awakens and helps people dealing with mental, physical and emotional issues. Post useful information to spread awareness on diseases, society issues, mental issues and much more. Address solutions to the best of your knowledge. Instagram is a great platform to entice revolution and make society a better place to live in.
  4.  Find new and old friends: Want to know what your school friend from 5 years ago is doing at the moment, just Instagarm her name. Almost everyone is on Instagram, the app supports multiple features to connect with old and even make new friends. You can even use the suggestion box displayed on your follow list to find new and old friends and connect with them. You can even connect with these friends of yours through messaging, video calling and audio calling over the app. Send crazy memes to each other and even send Instagram gifts.
  5.  Take your business online: Businesses have seen a large growth since they went on Instagram. With a larger audience to cater to and a million people to reach out to with your products it’s easier to improve sales. You can use Instagram’s business accounts as well. These accounts are designed to help you reach out to more people and even advertise your products on a larger scale at a minimal cost. Isn’t that great! Instagram business accounts help you find more customers and improve sales through their analytic features that provide you market data. You can repost stories from other Instagram accounts by using the download story download feature from StoriesIG. Stories are very trendy today and stories feature on Instagram is being used by millions and millions of people. Just get trending stories from Instagram accounts and use them on yours.
  6.  Make money using Instagram: If you have an app that can pay you for using it, who would refuse it? That’s exactly what Instagram does. If you have the potential and skill with a handful of followers you can tie up with brands on Instagram to promote their products. With the right knowledge and skill you can even earn by handling social media handles for hundreds of followers. Review content and even find vacancies posted on Instagram to earn.
  7.  Learn from Instagram: Instagram is not just limited to fun, you can even learn from it. There are multiple educational videos that help you learn a new skill. Do you know there is a whole channel dedicated to help you prepare for upsc? Not just that there is a profile teaching you how to cook. Just simply search for these and follow these accounts. These accounts help you learn a lot from the tutorials uploaded on the platform. Discover new passions and hobbies and even join the communities dedicated to these activities.
  8.  Build a start-up: Want to start a business without a store? Of course you can! Simply put it on Instagram. Instagram helps you start and promote businesses online. Affording a website at startup is not easy for everyone; hence you can simply make an Instagram profile and conduct your business activities from there. Instagram helps promote businesses by showing your content to the users that might be interested in buying your stuff. Word of mouth takes time but if you have a great product and marketing strategy your product can get more views and orders easily. You can even advertise your products at a nominal price. Instagram provides you analytics to help you know about what your audience prefers and also time your audience is live.
  9.  Get motivation: There are times in life when we need that perfect motivation to help us get out of our room and do something new. There are multiple pages dedicated on Instagram that inspire you through real life stories. Find quotes and lines of motivation to help you do well. You can even buy products with inspirational quotes to help get through the day. Follow motivational and inspirational content to boost your morale and get the most from your day.

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