How to Stream on Twitch?

Twitch is an online American live streaming platform. It was introduced in June 2011. It mainly focuses on gaming live streaming. It started gaining popularity in India after the pandemic. For people passionate about games and who want to make a career in the same field, Twitch is the right platform for them. Twitch provides gamers with a platform to follow their interest and earn a livelihood from the same. Twitch stream not only games but also streams much new content in different genres. You must be thinking then about how you can stream on Twitch and the process. You will get all the answers to your question below.

Before we come into the concept of how to stream on Twitch, we will see how to gain followers and views. You can buy original viewers (for more: for your channel, but you also need to upskill yourself in whatever genre you will stream. If you have a decent number of followers and viewers, you can earn well from Twitch. Twitch provides many ways to make money. Let’s see below.

  1. Using video ads in the middle of your stream will help you earn only when you have a good number of viewers on your channel.
  2. If you ask for donations from your viewers for your channel will help you grow financially.
  3. When you have an established channel, you can sell your brand’s merchandise. Passionate people gaming lovers will show interest in buying from you.

One cannot talk about live streaming without Twitch. Now, the main question that arises is how to stream on Twitch. So, look at the whole process, from creating an account on Twitch to streaming on Twitch.

  1. Create an account on Twitch: Open Twitch’s official website, click on sign up and fill out the sign-up form for creating an account on Twitch.
  2. Creating an account for live streaming: creating an account for Twitch is basic. But to be part of the Twitch family or for live streaming, there is some add-on in steps. Before making an account, read all the community guidelines carefully, then create an account.
  3. Enable 2FA: without enabling two-factor authentication, you won’t be able to stream live. So, go to security settings and enable 2FA. You have to use a desktop for this step because this feature is not available on mobile.

This is how you can stream on Twitch. But there are many tech issues that beginners can face. At the time of broadcasting, there is a general agreement for beginners that they have to stream on software encoders instead of hardware encoders. Streaming with software encoders gives a boom to the broadcasting system.

There are five major points for live streaming.

  1.       Audio and video content must be there for streaming
  2.       Use a capture card to connect a non-USB camera with your computer
  3.       A stable internet connection is a must.
  4.       A streaming service should be there on which you will stream.
  5.       An encoder will share the input with the platform, website, and network.

Some of the suitable soft encoders are OBS studio, Streamable OBS, Xsplit, and vMix if you are a beginner, then these are some encoders you should go for.

On Twitch, success is measured on the hours watched by viewers. And there are millions of monthly streamers on Twitch, out of which thousands of them can hold the estimated hours. So, you can see the level of competition for which you have to put a little more effort to be a successful streamer on Twitch. There are many factors. Using them can upgrade your stream to bring a step forward to get success. Have a look at some of those.

  1.       What type of content you will stream is the essential yet foremost step for your stream. Try to choose your genre wisely. Choose a genre in which you have an interest and feel you will be able to generate streams daily.
  2.       Set up OBS screen and OBS audio, i.e., Open Broadcaster software. OBS screen and audio are the keys to running the stream smoothly without interruptions.
  3.       Prepare a welcome screen and an end screen so that people get to know that you are going to start soon.
  4.       You can add music to your streams to make them more presentable. But streaming copyright music may lead to penalties, so put on royalty-free music on your streams.
  5.       Always show gratitude towards viewers by thanking them for being on stream and wishing them during the start of the stream.
  6.       Stick to your streaming schedule. Don’t let people wait for your stream.
  7.       Connect with social media and engage your streaming activities to come close to your viewers.
  8.       Try to make a network with other streamers as well. And do collaborative streaming.
  9. Don’t go the other people’s chat rooms to promote yourself

So, these are the ways to stream live. You should experience live streaming if you are a content creator. One of the best applications for live streaming is Twitch. And in terms of content genre, if your interest is in gaming, Twitch is the right platform for you. Twitch provides a comprehensive platform to gamers for live streaming to follow their passion and allow them to earn from it.

Most people have made Twitch a full-Time job as it provides a comprehensive platform to streamers for their bread butter. Though Twitch is not the only live streaming platform, I would advise you to give it a try once. You will also get the chance to learn how to be a successful live streamer on Twitch provides you with the knowledge on how to thrive on other platforms. I hope the above steps of how to stream on Twitch are helpful to you, and knowing about the affiliate part will bring your inner passion out from you.

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