How to Start Brewing Craft Beer at Home?

At least once any beer lover has had the presence of mind to experience the process of brewing craft beer. The most frequent obstacle is the idea that this process is extremely complicated and requires a lot of specific equipment. This is not completely true. Brewing craft beer may appear problematic only when you do not know how to organize it efficiently. The brooklyn brew shop beer making kit is designed to provide every homebrewer with an outstanding high-quality product of amazing taste.

What Is a Brooklyn Brew Shop Kit?

Brooklyn Brew Shop beer kits are the perfect choice for those who are not highly skillful in brewing but desire to produce great-tasting beer. There are various types of kits depending on the beer style and the recipe. All of them are packed with the necessary equipment and substances and do not require any additional purchases. Ordering a kit of your favorite beer style, you may start brewing at the same moment.

How To Start Brewing at Home?

The procedure of brewing craft beer with the correctly chosen beer-making kit is extremely simple and easy. Every kit from the leading brand contains detailed instructions to avoid any possible mistakes. Besides, there are some educational videos are available on Brooklyn Brew Shop’s website. In general, there are four crucial steps for you to perform:

  • Prepare. Unpack the kit, take a careful look at it, and prepare the necessary equipment.
  • Brew. Steep grains; add extracts, hops, and other ingredients.
  • Ferment. Pour wort in the fermenter, add yeast, and everything that is mentioned in the instruction. The fermenter needs to be locked and stored in a dark place at the correct temperature for several weeks.
  • Bottling. Pour the wort from the fermenter into the container, add boiled priming sugar, and distribute the liquid into the bottles. Store for several weeks more.

The process of brewing may vary a little bit due to the beer style. But Brooklyn Brew Shop beer making kits will enable you to feel like a professional brewer.

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