How to Sell Your House Fast During Divorce

A divorce can be a burdensome process to go through. Emotional and mental stress can seem to stop life from going forward. You can find it tough to work, take care of your children and go about life. One challenging thing is being able to sell your family home. It is not as direct since it involves several choices to make. Should you set up a mortgage? Should you refinance or transfer to one partner? Here are several steps to undertake, sell your house fast.

Get untangled

It is critical to first discuss with your partner the financial aspects and legal entanglements. Once you sort out these matters, then you can go ahead and put your house on the market. Once you sort out these matters, then you can go ahead and put your house on the market list or sell it in the off market . If you bought the house on a joint mortgage, you are both liable to pay it off. You, therefore, will need to work and make decisions together. Get on the same page concerning the overall value of the house, upgrades made, taxes et cetera. It is best to hire a lawyer or an expert on taxes. Such professionals will assist both of you to sell your house without losing tax benefits. There are also changes in the law, and a lawyer is the best person to work for you.

Work with home buying companies

Home buying companies come through when you want a quick sell property. They are capable of purchasing your house and complete the whole procedure in a week or less. Moreover, they can deal with any property. Not all properties are easy to value. Home buying companies can handle these complicated properties.

Determine your home’s market value

Knowing your house’s market value will help you to sell house fast . You can use a real estate agency that can give you accurate estimates of your house. You can also get an appraisal from a property appraisal. Consider factors such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, general condition of your home and the square footage.

Have a good preparation

Start preparing the house for viewing and selling. You will therefore need to clear all clutter as well as personal items in the house. If you need to repaint the house, paint it with a neutral colour such as pale grey. Remove torn or old wallpapers. Also, repair any damages of the walls or on the floor, sinks etc. Colour is a sensitive factor for buyers. If you can keep it neutral for buyers, they might not have a problem accepting your offer. An additional tip is to have a clean house. Hire a professional cleaning service to make the house extra shiny.

Sign a divorce lien

If one spouse is more interested and committed to selling the house than the other, then you can sign a divorce lien. A divorce lien will legalize everything. One person keeps control of the decisions concerning the home. The other spouse agrees to let go and gets a deed of trust to ensure he gains any sale benefits. If both parties can agree on this, the process of selling the home will be fast.

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