How to Properly Repair Your iPhone

In the phone industry, iPhones cost a fortune to buy and maintain. If you drop it down the gutter or scratch the screen by mistake- you might fall into a dilemma that is hard to get over.

However, you will be pleased to know that iPhones are very durable. While you could go to the iPhone repair center in Mont-Royal, you should at least try to fix the problem by yourself. Don’t know how? Then we have the perfect solutions and preventions for you. So scroll down and read patiently if you want to know more.

iPhone Gets Dropped

Dropping your iPhone to the ground is one of the most common problems that almost all iPhone users have or will face at one point in their lives.

If you drop your phone to the ground, you might be lucky because of the screen protector and phone cover, and nothing will happen to the phone. Only the topmost protectors like the screen protector will shatter if you aren’t at most. You can simply replace the protector with a new one in these cases.

If your phone does not have any protector on top and the actual screen breaks, you can take it to the authorized phone repairer to fix it, noting that the fixing is possible.

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Extreme Temperatures

While this is not as common an issue, there are certainly some cases of extreme temperatures from moving vehicles that caused the iPhone to heat up and malfunction due to the heat. This only happens if you leave the phone inside your car for an extremely long time while the vehicle is sweltering.

While you should avoid leaving your phone inside the vehicle for an extended time, if you can’t avoid it, you can leave it inside the storage compartments inside the front of your car. These compartments are meant to remain cool, so they should work.

Dust and Dirt in the CPU

If you use your phone very heavily, there is a high chance that more dust and dirt is getting inside the CPU. While the dust getting inside is negligible at first, too much of it can cause a blockage within the CPU, which will cause the iPhone to lose power quickly.

That is where the phone case or cover comes in handy. Since they cover all the openings, no matter how much you use your phone- the case will protect your phone’s CPU from any invasive dust particles.

In addition, if dust has already entered your phone, you can fix it by using small cotton bulbs to clean all the openings. While this will not eliminate the dust- it will still work wonders.

Memory Damage

iPhones have a solid-state memory which is superior to regular hard drives that are used inside most phones. While this type of memory lasts a long time and is not easily damaged, several factors may prove fatal for memory health.

Water, extreme temperatures or dropping, bending, or other mechanical pressures are the factors that can cause damage to iPhones. In addition, although incredibly rare, it can also cause damage to the memory units inside the iPhone.

If you want to repair an iPhone whose memory has been damaged, this could prove to be slightly expensive. In older models, you could have replaced the memory chip with a newer one simply by opening the phone’s back using screwdrivers. This is an impossible task for newer models, and you need to go to the repairman to fix this.


While there are many solutions and preventions against damages that an iPhone must face, you should still take care of it properly since iPhones do cost quite a lot of money.

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