How to prepare for Class 8 mid-term exams

Mid-term examinations are educative assessments that are also used for cumulative assessment that contributes to the final grades of a student. Most students have the question: are mid-term exams as important as the final exam? Here are the answers to your questions along with some tips that will help you in your preparation.

How do mid-term examinations matter?

  • Mid-term exams have a great impact on your final exams
  • It provides students with a brief representation of their current performance in class
  • Mid-term exams provide the scope of improvement
  • Students getting a low grade in their mid-term exams must reflect on their mistakes and work on correcting them.
  •  Making efforts on improving your answers will award you with good grades in your final exams.

Strategies for an effective study for your mid-term examination

Every student has their own style of learning, there is no such hard and fast rule for studying. However, a small change in following the correct strategy will surely help you with your preparation guiding you on the proper path towards success 

Study your NCERT textbook well

Your preparation should start from your basic NCERT textbooks for every subject. They are very helpful and simple to follow. Being very thorough with each and every point present in your textbook will help you in the exam. Questions for your exam will solely be prepared from the textbook itself and nothing from outside.

Complete all your class works on time

Completing all your assignments given in the classroom itself will keep you updated. You will never lack behind on any topic. It will expose you to your strengths and weaknesses in any topic under any subject. You will be able to immediately address your teacher and seek help in clearing your doubt. This will leave you with no confusion left.

Be regular in attending your classes

Do not be absent too often or just don’t try to bunk your classes. Attending regular classes is very important for mid-term examinations. The topics discussed by your subject teachers in their respective subjects will provide you with the majority of content that might be asked in your final exam question paper. Lectures given by teachers in class provide you with another perspective besides the bookish texts. 

Prepare your study timetable 

As a student of Class 8, you must practice being well organized and disciplined. Knowing how to manage time in a meaningful way will bear fruitful results for you. Other than studying you must have got other activities also to do. Here is the place where a perfect study timetable fits perfectly. Use your time wisely. Prioritize the weaker subjects and plan how much time to be spent on covering each chapter of every subject. You should always go for organizing your test dates well while scheduling the timetable. Have a rough estimation of how many days you will be taking to complete the topics of every chapter present in your textbook and work accordingly. You can also set reminders on your phone.

Refer to sample papers

The CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 8 are a very useful and crucial resource that will help you score well in your exams. Solving the previous year’s sample questions will give you an idea about the nature of the question that will be set. Teachers generally refer to it while framing questions. You can also expect a repetition of questions in some subjects. If you had practiced them well then surely you will be able to frame good answers leading to good grades. 

Seek proper guidance

If you are facing any difficulty in understanding the material or topics present in your mid-term syllabus seek help. You can approach your teacher to explain the topic during break time or when the teacher is free. Teachers will readily offer explanations no matter how many times you ask them so don’t be shy. Another way of seeking guidance is through group study where you can exchange pieces of information and study material with your classmates and clear about among yourselves. This process will also bring up new ideas and information into the light. Studying alone can often lead to procrastination.

Do not leave any topic for last-minute preparation

Cramming some topics and parts of your study material for the last day of the examination is a thing that should always be avoided. Make sure you start your preparation before the exam dates are announced or else you might panic and have a hard time recalling the concepts. You will be stressed throughout your exam that will surely affect your answers bringing down your grades. You will not be sorted well and will feel confused and lacking confidence which will have an adverse effect on framing your answers..

Practice to study in smarter ways

Use flashcards that will help you in memorizing your midterm topics and chapters better through active recall. Intake the keywords, wrangle them in your brain and then just put it down on a piece of paper using your own words. You will be able to retrieve pieces of information better in this way instead of mugging them up. Mnemonic devices can also be useful in memorizing the periodic table of chemistry or learning formulas and terms in physics. 

Take good care of your health

Take proper breaks in between long study hours. Have proper sleep at the proper time. Do not stay awake for a very long stretch on the day before your mid-term exam. Proper sleep of 8 hours will boost your memory helping you recall better when you are seated at the examination hall. Eat foods that sharpen your memory like almonds, have proteins that will make you stronger and help study better. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water and fresh juices. Warm-up your brain by practicing meditation

If you have prepared well you will surely pass the mid-term examination with good grades. Do not attempt the mistake of taking the mid-term exams lightly. Just do not lose your focus, stay confident, and have all your concentration in solving the paper.

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