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NBA championship odds are usually based on the odds of one team winning the championship, but there are exceptions. The defending champion Warriors are favored to win the championship this season, but they have been missing key players such as Gary Payton and Otto Porter Jr., and they have signed a Super-Max contract with Bradley Beal. The Philadelphia 76ers and Utah Jazz are other teams that could surprise.

Boston Celtics: Though the Celtics have suffered some preseason drama, it hasn’t affected their NBA championship odds. The team lost Ime Udoka for the season, and Joe Mazzulla is the interim head coach. The Warriors also experienced preseason drama, including when Draymond Green delivered a haymaker to Jordan Poole during practice. These teams have a great shot in the playoffs, and their star guard, Kay Thompson, could help the Warriors in the postseason.

NBA finals odds are always changing and they will change depending on how the teams are doing in the regular season and on the injury status of key players. The series length and the overall winner are also factors that can affect the odds. Further, injuries, suspensions, trades, and other factors may affect the NBA finals odds.

Another team that should be favored is the Los Angeles Clippers, who should be able to get back Kawhi Leonard from his ACL surgery. In addition to Leonard, the Clippers have Paul George, Norman Powell, and Reggie Jackson. These four players have all proven to be great when their teammates are injured. But the Clippers’ championship hopes hinge on Kawhi Leonard.

Boston Celtics is another team that could surprise the oddsmakers this year. While the Celtics were swept in last year’s postseason, their season ended in failure, and that could be a good motivation for them to win this year. They are favored over the reigning champion Warriors.

The Indiana Pacers is currently rebuilding and has speculated about trading for Russell Westbrook. The Orlando Magic is also in rebuild mode, having passed on Jabari Smith and Chet Holmgren. Meanwhile, the Houston Rockets is a free-wheeling team that does not have much defense. As a result, NBA championship odds will likely change as the season progresses.

NBA championship odds are based on the teams’ win total. These teams have to win enough games to qualify for the playoffs. Futures bettors use the win totals odds to bet on NBA championship games. The oddsmakers have set a number of different ways to calculate the winning total. For example, the money line bet is the simplest and most popular NBA bet. You simply bet on the team that you think will win the game and then place your wager.

After their opening week, the Memphis Grizzlies has a (+2000) rating after their game against the Rockets. They will have trouble replicating that efficiency in crunch time. The Miami Heat, meanwhile, has a great roster and should be able to win the East.

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