SoCool is one of the leading cooling companies that offer both commercial and residential services. They offer installation, breakdown repair, servicing, gas refilling, and maintenance services.

SoCool has been servicing all types of air conditioning units in Singapore. The company’s technicians are well-trained and experienced and offer high-quality aircon servicing to every customer. For both commercial and homeowners, SoCool offers a service hotline that customers can call anytime for any query or problem that they encounter with their air conditioner units.

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SoCool provides complete care for your cooling unit through an annual maintenance plan which includes inspection, cleaning, gas refilling and filter replacement. They will perform scheduled inspections on your system to ensure that everything is running properly. It also helps them identify problems at the earliest possible time before further damage is done.

For greater peace of mind when your AC breaks down in the middle of a hot and humid day, SoCool offers repair services. They provide quick solution to every problem that your air conditioner unit has. If it is not something simple like change of filters or refilling of gas, they will give a call within the next business day to inform you on the new appointment date and time of their technicians’ visit.

Tired of your current air conditioner blowing too hot or too cold? Or perhaps there are problems with the airflow direction or unit does not cool well? These are some common problems faced by many homeowners in Singapore. If you find yourself facing these issues at home, it’s time to think about getting a professional service for your air con!

After all, who knows more than an expert when it comes to household appliances? So if you want a trusted name for all your private chauffeured transportation needs, call on SoCool! The company has been voted as Singapore’s best aircon servicing provider.

Their team of experienced technicians are all certified by the company which means you can expect them to be able to handle your problem efficiently and effectively after they arrive at your home. They will not only repair any existing problems but also ensure that the machine is well-maintained for future use. If it’s an installation instead, they will provide you with a one-stop solution without having to deal with different contractors separately. So if you really want everything taken care of, call them up now! You can contact them through their hotline or website today!

Why choose SoCool?

Here are some reasons why people prefer choosing SoCool!

  • Qualified Air Con Technicians
  • Private Transportation for your Air Con Technician
  • 24/7 for Emergencies and Breakdowns

The technicians are well-trained and these guys will know exactly what to do when it comes to maintaining, repairing or installing a new air con. They’re also available round the clock so if you need them urgently, they can be on their way at short notice! So for all your aircon needs, use only an expert that is reliable, knowledgeable and efficient!

SoCool also offers private chauffeured services so after these professionals complete their job at your home, feel free to request for one of their to take you anywhere – whether it’s across the road or across Singapore!

What are you waiting for?

So if your private service vehicle could use some refreshing too, contact them now.  So if you’re looking for a trusted name when it comes to air conditioning services in Singapore, choose only the best – choose SoCool now!

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