How to Make It Big: Packaging Design and Successful Sales

A product can be the most perfect, most helpful, most affordable, or even the most accessible item on the market, but it would be nothing without a good packaging design.

This simple, barely-noticed aspect of a product, ironically and literally, can make or break its success — but what exactly is it?

This article will introduce you to the taken-for-granted art of packaging, how to make a good design, and its importance.

What Is Packaging Design?

The design of the packaging is the marriage of two fundamental concepts: form and function. It combines the aesthetics – colours, typography, imagery, space – and structure to make an item suitable for marketing.

A business owner or entrepreneur cannot simply throw their product to the wolves of the market. They should first equip it with packaging that makes it appealing to the consumers but also practical.

Simply put, it is what clothes are to people. It is what an item wears and what makes it stand out against competitors.

How Do You Make a Good Design?

It is vital to consider three basic tenets in order to make a good packaging design: protection, markings, and value and use. This section will explain why these aspects are essential and how you can ensure that your design satisfies these criteria.

  • Product protection

Adequate packaging means the product reaches the target market in one whole, unbroken piece. While this aspect of good packaging is the most important, it is simultaneously and ironically the most taken-for-granted.

Practical packaging means your design works to protect your product. The design must offer ample protection. Do not be afraid to spend on this, because it ensures client satisfaction and a good brand reputation.

  • Printed markings

Imagine receiving a mislabeled drug or dangerous substance. If something were to happen to the consumer, it could spell some horrible news for the company that approved the design. Not only can it cause damage to life or property, but it can also cause the downfall of a business.

Printed markings are more than just for upping a product’s aesthetic value. For some items, it could mean life or death.

Aside from this, the means of printing can also make a difference. The means must go with the material that a product is made of to avoid smudging and blotting.

  • Perceived value and use

The last tenet of packaging is added value or use that your design could add to a product. Sometimes, items with unique or tasteful packaging can appeal to more people. This could mean more sales and more revenue for the company.

The package can tell a great deal about the product. Believe it or not, it can reveal how much effort went into bringing a product to life.

Why Is a Good Design Important?

Some people believe that designing a product’s packaging is just as important as the product itself. The packaging adds an unmatched level of appeal to your product.

A robust design creates an impression on consumers. More importantly, it builds loyalty and a following.

Packaging design is more than just how to wrap up a product. It is about speaking to the target market through style and structure simultaneously. A company can achieve this by following three basic principles: product protection, printed markings, and perceived value and use.

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