How to keep statistics on sports betting?

How to keep statistics on bets and why is it important? By playing long distance, you can reduce the number of failures and win more often. Keeping records of data is not enough, you need to be able to draw the right conclusions. 

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Why is it important to keep statistics of your bets?

Some gamblers usually bet at several bookmakers. This makes it harder to calculate income and expenses from betting.

Therefore, it is important to have statistics on all wins and losses in order to vary the size of the bets according to the chosen financial strategy.

Keeping statistics allows the player to identify their strengths and weaknesses. For this, it is important to know not only the total number of bets, but also how many of them were made on specific types of bets and on specific sports.

Such detailed statistical data allows the bettor to understand what type of bets he most often gets winnings on.

Focusing on your strengths allows you to minimize losses and exclude unprofitable types of bets and sports from the game.

Accounting for sports betting helps in evaluating new game strategies. Trying new tactics of playing in a bookmaker’s office, the bettor collects statistics on the wins and losses of the bet.

Over time, you can use statistics to determine the effectiveness of a betting strategy and understand whether it is worth using it. Each player determines the number of bets to assess the effectiveness of the strategy for himself. 

What data to take into account when maintaining bet statistics?

Consider the total number of bets, the number of types of bets on individual sports disciplines. This allows the bettor to more accurately approach the choice of sports events in order to place a bet.

To increase the potential profit, the player can increase the average coefficient of all bets made.

Keeping statistics on which bets were made and with which bookmakers allows you to choose the most popular bookmaker for the player.

Online verifiers for maintaining bet statistics

There are many players who use online verifiers to keep track of their bet statistics. They add each bet on special exchanges where accounting is kept:

  • total profit;
  • ROI;
  • the number of bets of specific types;

On the verifiers there is a sorting of bets by sport, by bookmaker, and so on.

Working with some verifiers is possible in a fully automatic mode. That is, you choose a sporting event and a bet through the exchange. The data on this bet is added to the history of bets on the exchange, and a bet is automatically placed in the bookmaker’s office on the event you have selected. The bet size and other restrictions are indicated in advance by the better in the settings.

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