Primary classes’ subjects act as the base for senior classes and also in our daily life. English is one of the most important language subjects which can help you in many ways. For example, if you are traveling to another state or country, people will not know your home language and then English will be the only language to be there at your rescue as it is the universal language. It also opens the door for many opportunities for you as your communication skills will enhance if your vocabulary is good. This will make you look confident and well disciplined in your upcoming future interviews. So, in order to make your English subject strong, you will have to study it from the basic classes. Here are some tips to understand this subject and also to score full marks in it. 

  • Indulge it in your daily life

If you keep repeating the same activity for days or weeks, it will most likely become your habit. Therefore, in order to make English subject your habit and develop your interest in it, you will have to speak it daily with your family and friends. This will not only increase your communication skills but also help your family and friends to motivate themselves in communicating better. Read English newspapers as much as you can to increase your vocabulary. Encourage others to also speak to you in this language. While reading the newspaper, if you come across any difficult word, you have to immediately look it up in the dictionary or ask your elders about it. Also, you can subscribe to YouTube podcasts to make your vocabulary strong. 

  • Read your chapters

Your NCERT Class 4 English Books are very informative and useful in order to score full marks in your English exam. Almost every chapter has a hidden moral in it and the language is also very simple so that students can read it without any difficulty. NCERT is idolized in many CBSE affiliated schools as it has a very easy to understand language which also helps in their writing skills. Don’t wait for the last day of the exam in order to read your NCERT chapters. You should focus solely on the revision part during the approaching days of the exam. NCERT has back exercise questions at the end of every chapter with the help of which you can test your knowledge and concentration while reading the chapter. Also, these questions are very important and usually come directly into your exam. So, you have to be very perceptive while solving these questions in order to score full marks in your English exam. 

  • Notes

Whenever you are reading a chapter from your NCERT textbook, you have to keep parista along with you in order to write all the important words or difficult words which you think are important from the exam point of view. Know the pronunciation for writing a particular word in your exam. you can use the word similar to your NCERT textbook chapters in your writing skills too. make your notes very neatly and carefully as this will also be helpful in your division time. You will not have the time for reading line to line of your NCERT chapters, so these notes will be your savior. Nodes are not about writing complete lines. Rather, notes are about phrases and words, so you have to focus to keep your notes format like that only. If you remember anything your teacher taught you while explaining a particular chapter, write that down quickly before you forget that. It is advised to read and revise a chapter on the same day your teacher explained it to you the same. This will help you make notes quicker and easier. 

  • Regularity

For scoring full marks in your English exam, consistency should be the main aspect for you. In order to be very consistent with your English exam studies, it is recommended to make a study timetable with the help of your parent or teacher. Don’t make a strict study time table for you. This will in turn make you stressed out and you will feel lazy even before starting with your time table. Don’t put off the task of your study time table even for 5 minutes as this will make your habit more intense and you will observe that you are constantly putting off of your timetable for 15-20 minutes. So, it is suggested to be very regular in order to score well in your English exam. 

  • Daily activities

Make your schedule apart from your study time table. Avoid getting distracted from games while visiting your friends house. In order to get full marks in the English exam, you have to stay healthy. So, have a balanced diet along with little snacks during your study time. Ask your parents immediately if you get a doubt. Keep your mobile phone or anything which can get you distracted away from your study room. You can simply ask your parents or siblings to take care of your phone until you complete your daily task of your study time table. After completing your studies for the day, don’t immediately get on the phone. Get out of your house and take a walk in a park or garden to help your mind memorize everything that you have learnt and also relax it for the remaining day. You can meditate in the meantime by taking slow and steady breaths. This will help you to remove unnecessary and distracting stress which usually comes when exams are near. Don’t neglect your sleep schedule in order to study more or complete your syllabus early. Keep your speed steady and don’t get competitive if your friend is a chapter or two ahead of you. This is the time when you focus on yourself and not compare yourself to others.

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