How to draft the best user manual

Companies often make use of user manuals to avoid the frequent calls their customer support system gets now and then inquiring about a service or a product. Having a well-drafted user manual helps the user and the producer both in many ways. While the producer gets great product reviews and lesser calls for queries, the user attains much ease in the use of a product as all their questions are answered through the user manual. However, there are a few important things to consider when making Standard work instructions:

Easy language

The customers are already frustrated when they do not know how to use a product or are having trouble figuring out a way to use it. Once they consult a manual that has technical language then that is bound to frustrate them even more. The user already feels confused so it is not suggested to confuse them even more by using difficult language.

It is always suggested to use plain and simple language. While drafting a manual, it is a must to keep in mind that you are drafting t for the user and not the developer. The user is a layman and is not familiar with the product at all hence you will have to inform them about even specific detail to make their task easier.

Simple details

Do not assume that your customer already knows about the product, they are referring to the manual for a reason. If they had known all the information about the product, they would not have referred to the manual in the first place. Hence, use simple language avoiding any acronyms that the user will have trouble understanding. Once you keep your manual as simple as possible, you will remain on the right path to achieve your goal.

It is also important to note the format of the manual. Use relevant graphics alongside the text to give a better direction to the user but make sure that the graphic is neither too big nor too misleading. Text that is too small and tightly packed together is bound to confuse the user. Use text that is clear and simple. Use different lines and reference points for every different instruction. Make use of numbers to indicate the steps a customer needs to follow. This would help the customer to stay on the right track and refer to a prior step if they had done something incorrectly you can visit About SwipeGuide for more information about user manuals.

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