How To Declutter When You Don’t Know When To Start

If you’re the type of person who finds ridding of their stuff difficult, it surely will be challenging to transition into a life built on the ethos of minimalist living. Your mind might’ve been pushing you to start living this way, yet you feel something tugging at you, something stopping you from getting rid of your junk altogether. Some memory might still be attached to one object or you’re banking on the day your old stamp collection would fetch millions. But at the end of the day, these items take up a lot space in your home which no memory or potential ROI could clean up.

That said, if you’re confused about how to start your journey towards a clutter-free life, in this article, you’ll learn a few tricks up your sleeve to start decluttering slowly yet surely.

  • Throw Away The Rubbish

First thing’s first, you need to clean up your home. When there are too many things going on in your house, there’s a great chance that many of them are unnecessary and damaged things that won’t work anymore yet still occupy precious real estate on your shelves or cupboards. To start decluttering, you must remove the rubbish first. Rubbish Removal Inner West experts tell us the best way to start is by picking up the obvious garbage, grab a garbage bag or bin and begin to fill it. Your mind will automatically work to process whether one thing is trash or not. If you still seem some utility on some things, you can keep it for now and decide whether or not it goes in the bin.

Once you’re done with this first simple step, gather all the garbage bags and call a professional rubbish removal company. You can find more info online and weigh which rubbish removal company is reliable enough to pick up your trash on the same day.

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By cleaning up (even a little bit), you’ll find some more space in your house. Eventually, you’ll feel better about seeing a cleaner environment so you can start finding more ways to slowly ease yourself into decluttering.

  • Clean Up Your Floors

Although this tip might be subjective to how messy your home might be, clearing the floors next is the best step. On your day-to-day routines, you might not have noticed how cluttered your floors are. This might be the reason why you or a family member easily trips on something. This is even particularly dangerous for your kids or elderly relatives visiting you.

To start decluttering, get rid of the things on the floor that don’t belong there. Place shoes in shoe racks. Remove your kids’ toys and arrange them accordingly to their toy bins. Find random objects like pens or wayward pet bowls and return them to where they belong. And when your floor is finally clear, you can sweep it and get rid of grime, dust, and bacteria through a good old scrub and mop.

  • Deal With Your Closet

It’s time to face your closet head-on. Stop procrastinating about organizing your closet this weekend, which happened to be scheduled last weekend and the weekend before that. Spare tiny moments and minutes and declutter slowly but surely. Remember that it’s one of the most effective ways to deep-clean your home. Take it one step at a time, and you’ll eventually achieve a minimalist closet.



First, take a good look at what’s inside your wardrobe and focus on the areas you think need the most attention. Tackle your collection of shirts, sweaters, leisurewear, etc., and check which clothes you’d see yourself still wearing. Are there some that have been stained, disfigured, or discolored? If so, take them out and throw them away with nary a thought. When they’re in poor condition, you know you—or anyone, for that matter—won’t wear them anymore.

As you keep tackling the same process every day or at any free time you have, you can slowly accelerate your decision-making process until it’s easier for you to segregate the wearable clothes and those you could to donate to charity or probably sell in thrift or vintage stores.

  • Change Your Mindset

After quite a while, you’ll eventually start seeing significant changes in your home, thanks to taking baby steps in decluttering. To continue and maintain this habit means changing your mindset altogether. Of course, this also means stopping yourself from shopping for things you don’t need.

When you’re out to get the groceries or go shopping, think carefully if the thing you want to buy is exactly what you need. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. This is the time when your self-control plays a significant role. Change your buying behavior, and you’ll change your mindset toward living in a clutter-free home.

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The tips and guidelines in this post should be simple ways to help you get started with decluttering. Remember not to rush the process. Take time to assess your home and your possessions, and it’s okay even if you take time getting rid of all the extra stuff you have. Once you’re used to it, decluttering will be easier and faster the next time around.

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